After we reported earlier this month on a leak in which it was mentioned that the manga “Attack on Titan” will end with the 34th volume, this has now been confirmed in the “Bessatsu Shonen” magazine.

Manga ends in the first half of 2021

According to the announcement in the latest issue, the 34th and last volume of the manga series is expected to be released in Japan in May or June 2021. It is not yet clear when the last chapter will be published in the magazine, but only about one to two percent of the story that Mangaka Hajime Isayama wants to tell is said to have been open in November.

Isayama started “Attack on Titan” in September 2009 in the “Bessatsu Shonen” magazine. The first season was acquired for distribution in the UK by Manga Entertainment. Madman Entertainment acquired the show for distribution in Australia and New Zealand, and streamed the series on Madman Screening Room.

The anime adaptation currently consists of three completed seasons with a total of 59 episodes produced by WIT Studio. On September 23, 2020, NHK listed the final season on their broadcasting schedule as airing on December 7, 2020. The fourth season, Netflix Thailand and Philippines announced to start regional streaming from December 10 and 11, is produced by MAPPA.



In 2,000 years, humanity – or what is left of it – lives behind vast walls. Because the world outside is dominated by giant titans who seem to have only one goal: to eat people! Only the young Eren Jäger does not want to accept this and join the reconnaissance team to defeat the giants and discover the world. But when one day a Titan of immense proportions looks over the wall, Eren quickly suspects that after a hundred years of peace, his village is once again facing disaster.

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