Attack on Titan Season 4 Script Made Speakers Cry

The start of the fourth and final season of “Attack on Titan” is getting closer and closer. In line with this, Yuki Kaji, the Japanese voice actor for the main character Eren, recently spoke about his current emotional state in a YouTube livestream.

New Season Starts in a Week

In the stream, he said, among other things, that he watched the new compilation film and cried while doing it. The reason for this is that Eren “is always in my heart”. But he also made a comment on the work on the forthcoming fourth season.

Kaji said, “I got the script for last season and even cried at home during rehearsals. I felt depressed, so I contacted Isayama-sensei. We exchanged messages several times. “

He also revealed that although he can read the “Attack on Titan” manga relatively objectively, he ultimately behaves differently when he has to speak and act the lines in the anime.

The fourth season of “Attack on Titan” is being produced under the direction of Yuichiro Hayashi (“Dorohedoro”) in the MAPPA studio. Funimation will show the new episodes from December 6, 2020 with English subtitles in a simulcast. A new illustration by Animation Director Manabu Akita posted on Twitter today can be seen below.



In 2000 years, humanity – or what is left of it – will live behind huge walls. Because the world outside is ruled by giant titans who apparently only have one goal: to eat people! Only the young Eren Yeager does not want to accept this and join the reconnaissance troop to defeat the giants and discover the world. But when one day a titan of enormous proportions looks over the wall, Eren quickly suspects that after a hundred years of peace, his village is facing another catastrophe.

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