The grand finale of Attack on Titan is imminent. But before the epic comes to an end, let’s remind you again which facts and secrets about the world of the titans you need to know for the last season!

As a glowing ball, the sun slowly sinks behind the horizon and throws its last glistening rays onto the shimmering surface of the water. They stand there in awe – the soldiers. Marvel at how the endless blue of the ocean mixes with the rust-red colors of the twilight. Feel the cold tide washing salty water over your bare feet and the feeling of freedom flowing through your body.

But as night falls, darkness also penetrates their hearts. Thunderous rumble echoes across the ocean. Is it the heavy steps of the enemy or is it just the storm-lashed waves of the sea? But they traveled too far, fought too long, to turn back now. For years they had looked death in the eye, time after time, and sacrificed their hearts to the struggle for freedom.

We tell their story and tell you how they brought light into the dark on their dangerous journey through the dark world of the titans and which secrets they were able to unravel.

#1: Erwin Smith’s Ascension Command

After the soldiers of the reconnaissance troop finally arrive in the devastated Shiganshina after a long, arduous journey, a bitter battle breaks out between humans and Titan. Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover and their leader Zeke Jäger are already lying in wait and cut off any escape route for the freedom fighters.

While Eren and his loyal comrades persevere within the city walls and bravely stand up to the armored and the Colossal Titan, Erwin Smith makes a momentous decision in this hour of need: Together with the other soldiers of the reconnaissance troops, he rides straight into the city in a breakneck suicide squad Arms of the mighty animal titan.

His plan to give Levi Ackermann enough time to fight his way to the head of the enemy troops unnoticed is crowned with success. But the price that Erwin and his men have to pay for this fleeting triumph is high and the warriors of the reconnaissance troops are almost completely wiped out – including Erwin himself among the fallen soldiers.

#2: The Fall of the Colossal Titan

While Erwin rides to death and Levi, furious, throws himself on the animal titans, Eren and Armin fight desperately against the colossal titan, who is raging their old homeland in ruins. But just when everything seemed to be lost, Armin makes an all-important discovery: With every steam explosion that shoots out of the body of the colossal titan, he not only loses muscle mass, but also increasingly more speed.

In desperation, the astute strategist makes a drastic decision. To give Eren the opportunity to make his way to the Colossal Titan unnoticed and to cut Bertholdt out of the monster’s neck, he sacrifices his own life and is burned alive in the glowing steam of the enemy.

But his sacrifice should not have been in vain. With a trick, Eren manages to bring the enemy to his knees and bring the now incapacitated Bertholdt into his power.

#3: The Enemy is Not Yet Defeated

But while Eren wins the victory over the Colossal Titan, shocking defeats can be recorded on the other fronts of the battle: Although Levi mercilessly knocked down the animal titans in his bloodlust and the armored titan was brought down by the thunderous spears of the reconnaissance troops, both titan walkers succeed Escape.

Before an intelligent scout Titan finally frees both Zeke Yeager and the defeated Reiner Braun from the clutches of the reconnaissance troops, the enemy titan leader addresses his word to Eren Yeager. He reveals to him that his father, Grisha Jäger, lied to him all his life, and then fled.

#4: Armin Arlert and the power of the Colossal Titan

The battle for Shiganshina is over, but the aftershocks of the battle shake the ranks of brave soldiers once more. Armin Arlert is dying. Through the titan serum it is possible for Levi to save the courageous martyr from death and to give him the power of the colossal titan – but at the last moment the captain receives a message that confronts him with an inhuman decision.

A last survivor of the Ascension Command brings a seriously wounded soldier to him. Against all odds, Erwin Smith had survived the onslaught on the animal titans – but his life now hangs by a thread. In order to ensure the continued existence of the reconnaissance troop, Levi pronounces Armin’s death sentence with a heavy heart and decides to save the commander instead.

Shortly before he applies the syringe with the serum to Erwin’s bare skin, the latter involuntarily pulls his arm upwards. A satisfied smile spreads on the captain’s face and Levi remembers Erwin’s dream to carry on the legacy of his late father. At the last second he decides to let the man who had only lived for his vision rest in peace.

#5: The Secret In Shiganshina’s Basement

After years of fighting and bloodshed, the remaining soldiers finally stand in front of the Jäger family’s mysterious cellar. Here are the answers to those questions for which they always risked everything and put their lives on the line day after day.

In a hidden drawer, Eren uses his father’s key to find three mysterious books. One of these documents contains a picture of Grisha with an unknown woman with her young son on her lap.

A handwritten note has been left on the back of the picture. She explains that the picture is by no means a simple oil painting, but a photograph. A photograph created with technology from an unknown, progressive civilization that lives in wealth and prosperity beyond the golden birdcage of the walls.

#6: Grisha Yeager’s Tragic Past

On the night of his fateful discovery, Eren sinks into a restless dream, born of the tragic memories of his father. Born beyond the walls, Grisha Yeager grew up in a strange and even strange world. A scion of the Eldian race, who suffered under the rule of the Marley nation, Eren’s father and sister stole into the Marley oppressors’ ward.

The young siblings went together to sneak a glimpse of a Marley airship – but their innocent wish would have dire consequences. Caught in the act, Grisha was punished with brute force by officers Kruger and Gross.

However, his sister was to be spared. Officer Gross took the little girl by the hand and brought her home. But she would never get there. When her mangled body was later found on the riverside, Grisha’s world collapsed and hatred for the Marley Empire kindled in his young heart.

#7: The Eldian Reign of Terror

In his hateful anger at the Marley, Grisha Yeager’s disappointment could not have been greater when his own father humiliated himself in front of the enemy and accepted the death of his daughter without a fight. But the family man was not deterred by his rebellious son and explained to the boy why the Eldian race deserved their fate:

A long, long time ago there was the Eldian ancestor – a young woman named Ymir Fritz. Ymir, it is said, made a pact with the devil of the earth and was rewarded with the power of the first titan.

After Ymir’s life was forfeited and her mortal body succumbed to old age, her soul was broken into nine fragments and created nine more Titans, who then established the Eldian Empire and reduced the Marley lands to rubble in a reign of tyranny.

#8: The Great Titans War

Grisha’s father told his son about the crimes of their race that followed over the next 1,700 years:

An era of cruelty and hatred began under the Eldian reign of terror. Marley and other races, inferior in the eyes of the Eldian, were ruthlessly persecuted and killed. Their wives have been kidnapped and raped – used by the inhuman Eldians, who used them to spread their genes and increase the number of their troops.

But after nearly two millennia had passed, the Marley put an abrupt end to their violent subjugation. Together they conspired against the Eldian oppressors and brought seven of the nine titans under their control.

Destroyed, the Eldian king retired to the island of Paradise and erected three colossal walls there to protect him and his followers from the Marley. But not all of the Eldians managed to escape – and those who stayed behind now have to live in the rightful contempt of the Marley that their tyrannical ancestors once brought upon them.

#9: The True Story of the Titans

At least that was the story his father told Grisha. But the boy was not convinced and, in his anger at the Marley, joined an Eldian resistance movement, which was provided by a spy named Owl with secret information from the highest ranks of the Marley.

Now Grisha finally learned the truth for which he had longed for so long: It was not the Eldian but the Marley people who had brought death and ruin to the world. After Ymir Fritz gained the power of the titans, she helped the country to prosperity, peace and freedom. However, the great titan war would end this age of bliss.

The king of the Eldian shied away from violence and therefore evaded his duty to defend the balance of power with bloodshed. To escape the war, he moved the capital of the Eldian people to the distant island of Paradise. Abandoned by the king, the lives of the retarded Eldian were now ruled by poverty and oppression.

But even on the island of Paradise, peace should not last forever. In the international arms race and struggle for the planet’s resources, the Marley government launched the Titanic Warrior Program and set course for the resource-rich refuge of the Eldian.

#10: The Beginning and End of the Yeager Family

During his time as a warrior of the resistance movement, Grisha Yeager married Dina Fritz, the first love of his life, and with her gave birth to his first son, Zeke Yeager.

But consumed by their irrepressible anger at the violent Marley regime, the young parents were blind to the suffering and desires of their own child. Obsessed with the idea of ​​using their son as a puppet of their political goals and overthrowing Marley, they stoked hatred in Zeke’s innocent heart.

But it was precisely this ignorance that finally sealed their own gruesome fate when Zeke rebelled against the conspiracy of his parents and handed the two resistance fighters over to the enemy. For the betrayal of Marley, Grisha and Dina were to be exiled and condemned as mindless titans to the eternal hunt for human flesh.

At the desolate place of her punishment, on huge brickwork in the wasteland of the island of Paradise, Dina Fritz was transformed into the titan who would later murder Grisha’s future wife and Eren Yeager’s mother in cold blood. With her face streaked with tears, Grisha looked down at the monster that was once his beloved wife. His own punishment should now follow.

#11: Death and Rebirth of the Attack Titan

But it turned out differently than expected: Officer Kruger, who should actually have carried out Grisha’s cruel sentence, turned out to be the informant Owl and, in the form of a mighty titan, destroyed the entire fleet of the Marley.

He was the master of the power of the attacking Titan – one of the first nine giants of the Eldian race. But a fateful curse weighs on the power of the titans, which over the years should punish every titan walker with death. Owl, whose real name was Eren Kruger, only remained a few months to live.

In order to uphold his vision of the fight for the Eldian freedom, Kruger put an end to his own life and handed the power of the attacking Titan into the care of Grisha Yeager. With a new fire ignited in his heart, Grisha went into battle again – this time to subvert the civilization of the walls and wrest the power of the nine titans from the royal family.

# 12: Eren Yeager’s Titanic Command

Awakened from his dream, Eren now knows the whole truth about the roots of the titans. Together with his comrades from the reconnaissance troops, the combative young man sets out to report to the capital.

But when Hanji Zoe reports to the Hearing Council that he has authority over the Titans, Eren reveals a terrifying insight. He, through whose veins not a drop of royal blood flows, has only been able to use this power once and for only one reason:

Shortly before, he had touched Dina Fritz, who was herself a member of the Eldian royal family, in her titanic form – and thereby received some of her strength for a brief, fleeting moment. But although this knowledge could decide the war, Eren keeps the secret to himself out of concern for Queen Historia’s fate.

Historia itself now decides to reveal the truth about the origin of the Titans and the history of the Marley and Eldian to the people of the Wall Civilization. The battle against the Titans, who have stolen most of their warriors from humanity, is only the beginning of an invasion by the tyrannical Marley regime.

#13: An Endless Lake of Salt

Despite their enormous losses in the Battle of Shiganshina, the brave soldiers of the reconnaissance troops soon return to battle and set off for the site where Dina Fritz and many other Eldian were once turned into bloodthirsty beasts.

But behind the wall of this gruesome scene they have a sight like from another world. A world they had never seen before and which, deep down in their hearts, they had always hoped would exist. As far as the endless expanse of the horizon, the cool blue of the ocean extends in front of them – the legendary lake of salt, which Armin and Eren had dreamed of since childhood.

But the fleeting feeling of freedom that now pours through every fiber of their bodies is only a brief silver lining. Because behind the gracefully shimmering water of the sea, the enemy lurks and nobody knows what horrors the strange world beyond the horizon will still hold in store for them.

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