300+ Really Cool Best Friend Tag Questions

Are you looking for best friend tag questions? Then you are in the right place as below you will find over 300+ examples of questions you can ask your best friend to see how well he or she knows you.

Feel free to reword them to your own liking. It’s all up to you.

We have categorized these into eight different groups so you can find what you are looking for much more easily. We also have a great collection of Romantic Nicknames for Your Girlfriend.

Really Cool Best Friend Tag Questions

Best Friend Tag Questions

1. How much do you know me? Tellin percentage.

2. How many siblings I have?

3. What color is my laptop?

4. How many hours do I spend on the internet?

5. Am I close to my mom or dad?

6. How many rooms are there in my home?

7. How many times did I reject a proposal?

8. Where did I study?

9. Where was I born?

10. How old am I?

11. What is the age difference between us?

12. At which school I studied?

13. When did we meet first?

14. How was our first meeting?

15. Tell three things we talked in our first meeting.

16. How many siblings you have?

17. Where do I live?

18. At whom I have my latest crush?

19. Where did we hang out for the first time?

20. Where did we hangout last?

21. Who is more social among us?

22. Which movie we last watched together?

23. Which is our favorite shopping place?

24. Who among us takes more time in getting ready for a party?

25. What is my weirdest habit?

26. Which phrase do I use repeatedly?

27. Which shoe brand I prefer?

28. Which brand of clothes do I love?

29. What is my family name?

30. What is my middle name?

31. Which pet do I keep?

32. Tell the name of my pet.

33. Tell the name of my mother?

34. Am I a jealous person?

35. Which place is my favorite picnic spot?

36. Am I social or reserved?

37. Am I a latecomer?

38. Which subject is my favorite?

39. What types of people annoy me?

40. Tell a favorite quote of mine.

Best Friend Tag Questions

41. What is the best feature of my body?

42. Which feature of the body do I love?

43. Which social networking website is my favorite?

44. How do I react while getting angry?

45. What is my shoe size?

46. What is my waist size?

47. Which shampoo do I use?

48. Which soap do I use?

49. What is my dream job?

50. Which phobia I have?

51. Which adventure do I hate?

52. What is my zodiac star?

53. Which county do I dream to visit?

54. Which cosmetic I always use?

55. Which mobile phone do I have?

56. What is my favorite color?

57. Do I wear a watch?

58. What is the color of my eyes?

59. Which city I once planned to visit?

60. Which drink is my favorite?

61. Which one food item I can eat all the time?

62. What is my dream job?

63. What makes me upset?

64. What three things make me happy?

65. How do you come to know about my angriness?

66. Which indoor game is my favorite?

67. Which outdoor game is my favorite?

68. What is my bra/vest size? (A little vulgar but will give you giggles)

69. Do I have a good sense of humor?

70. How tall am I?

71. How much I weigh?

72. Do I have any regrets?

73. Which actress do I look like?

74. Which junk food is my favorite?

75. Which restaurant do I love to go?

76. Tell the name of things which are in my room and nobody knows about them.

77. Am I enthusiastic?

78. Which school teacher was/is my favorite?

79. Which color don’t I like at all?

80. Which movie can I watch again and again without being fed up?

Best Friend Tag Questions

81. Do I like tea or coffee?

82. Do I prefer a cold coffee or ice cream?

83. Which ice cream flavor is my favorite?

84. When did I begin my first relation?

85. When did I kiss for the first time?

86. When did I have my first break up?

87. What did I say to you after my first break up?

88. Which perfume is my all-time favorite?

89. What do I always do before sleeping?

90. What do I always do after waking up?

91. Who is my inspiration?

92. Am I a good debater?

93. What was my first job?

94. When did I begin to work?

95. When do I sleep at night?

96. When do I wake up?

97. What is the password for my phone?

98. What is my dream car?

99. Which sports I like to watch “only”?

100. When did I cry in front of you for the last time?

101. What is my salary?

102. Suppose I become a millionaire overnight, where would I spend the money?

103. When will I get marry?

104. When did I the sex for the first time?

105. Which celebrity I wish to marry?

106. What is the name of my daddy?

107. Where do my paternal grandparents live?

108. When did I go last time to meet my grandparents?

109. What is the most embarrassing moment of my life?

110. What is the proudest moment of my life till now?

111. Which song is my favorite these days?

112. Which song is my all-time favorite?

113. Do I have any tattoos right now?

114. When did I get inked for the first time?

115. Which pray I do often, but secretly?

116. Is there anything I did not share with you but you already know that?

117. Which habit of mine secretly embarrasses you?

118. Tell the moment when you feel proud on me?

119. Am I good friend or a good sibling?

120. What was the name of my first bf/gf?

Best Friend Tag Questions

121. What was the name of my last crush?

122. Which TV show I never miss?

123. How is my voice for singing?

124. Which song I never tolerate to hear?

125. Tell the names of my three friends.

126. What is my name on Facebook?

127. What are my two nicknames?

128. Do I ever bully someone?

129. Which pet I used to keep in my childhood?

130. What are my three fears?

131. What are my three assets?

132. Am I slow eater?

133. Which three manners I should learn?

134. When did I go on my first date?

135. What did I wear on my last date?

136. What did I wear when we hangout last week?

137. Which season is my favorite?

138. What one thing I love to eat in winters?

139. Christmas or Halloween. Tell my most favorite?

140. How do I like to spend my vacations?

141. What three things I always keep while traveling?

142. Tell our secret nicknames for each other.

143. Do I have any allergies?

144. Which company’s watch do I wear?

145. Which company’s goggles is my favorite?

146. Do I snore while sleeping?

147. What thing I dreamt frequently while sleeping?

148. Am I tight sleeper or not?

149. Which fruit I am always ready to eat?

150. What five things are always there in my wallet/handbag?

151. At what age I possessed maturity?

152. Am I family person?

153. What is my idealization about my better half?

154. Do I ever fail in examinations?

155. How is my mathematics?

156. Nightclub or a beach. Tell my choice.

157. How often I go to shopping?

158. When did I last visit the doctor?

159. Which chocolate in my all-time favorite?

160. What was my favorite food of childhood?

Best Friend Tag Questions

161. Am I a helpful person?

162. Do I dance well or sing?

163. How much time I spend in the toilet?

164. Name three of our common friends.

165. Name two common enemies of ours.

166. Do I discuss things or argue?

167. Which toothpaste I use?

168. Do I get scared in darkness?

169. Can I easily face the camera?

170. Am I straightforward or blunt?

171. Which organ I could donate to anyone?

172. Which organ you can donate to me?

173. Which book is my all-time favorite?

174. Am I religious or not?

175. Who ditched me in the recent days?

176. Whom I can never forgive in my life?

177. Which other languages I can speak?

178. Whom I miss and the person has died?

179. Who has played a part in my success?

180. Do I write with left hand or right?

181. Which song we often sing together?

182. Tell three of my favorite dialogues?

183. Am I nails biter?

184. Am I a good runner?

185. Do I drive well?

186. What are the three common habits of us?

187. At which social networking site, I am always available?

188. Am I addicted to anything?

189. Do I smoke?

190. Which brand cigarettes I like?

191. Which energy drink is my favorite?

192. I am ordering a Pizza. Which top I would like to have?

193. Which cheese flavor is my favorite?

194. Which appetizer is my favorite?

195. Which soup I always want?

196. Do I know gardening?

197. Is my vocabulary well?

198. What type of shoes I like?

199. Do I often sleep late at night?

200. Am I a flirt person?

Best Friend Tag Questions

201. What was my first impression to you?

202. Do I have serum in my hairs?

203. Do I love nature?

204. Have I gone through any surgery?

205. Do I have any scars on my body?

206. Are my hairs wavy, curl, or straight?

207. Am I fair or look so after makeup?

208. Which dry fruit I am always ready to eat?

209. What are my unintended actions in tension/depression?

210. Name any of your friends I don’t like?

211. In which bank, I have my account?

212. How often I take bath?

213. Do I like children?

214. Which habit of yours annoys me?

215. Which weird thing we have in common?

216. Which thing I need to eat while reading/studying?

217. When did we first travel together by road?

218. How many countries I have travelled?

219. What is my biggest dream?

220. What are our three common wishes?

221. If I go the jail, what could be the possible charge on me?

222. Am I an organized person?

223. Which video game I play in childhood?

224. Which video game I play now?

225. Which internet browser I prefer?

226. Which company’s laptop I have?

227. What is the name of my Youtube Channel?

228. What is my best post on Facebook?

229. If I was found unconscious, what could be the reason?

230. Do I ever attempt suicide?

231. If you come to know that there is risk to my life, what would you do?

232. If you come to know someone is cheating me, what would you do?

233. What would you do, if I got stuck to an illegal act I never did?

234. If you come to know I Have died, what will be your first and immediate reaction?

235. What would you do if someone tells you that I am talking bad about you?

236. Is there anything which still lacks in our friendship?

237. What would you do if you come to know that someone has already ditched me?

238. What are my goals for the future?

239. Where do you see our relationship after five years?

240. Which gift present of mine you really love?

Best Friend Tag Questions

241. Which thing of my room you want to take to yours’?

242. When did we fight for the last time?

243. At what issue did we fight for the first time?

244. Share the craziest memory of ours’?

245. Share the proudest moment of ours’?

246. Do you ever find any difficulty in continuing the friendship with me?

247. Could our friendship change into a love relationship? (Best question for the opposite gender best friends)

248. Did anyone ever stop you to continue friendship with me?

249. What was the hardest time of our relationship?

250. Do you blindly trust me or not?

251. What is the sweetest part of our friendship?

252. Suppose your recent partner break up with you and propose me. What will be your reaction?

253. Suppose I fell into love with your spouse. How would you react?

254. If you want to kill me, how would you do that?

255. If you come to know that someone murdered me, what reason would you think?

256. If someone kills me, would you put your efforts in sending him to jail?

257. How much time you need to forget me after my death?

258. What three things would you miss about me after my death?

259. Do you admire my beautiful body or a kind heart?

260. If I do something wrong with someone, would you support me in getting me out of the mess or the other person?

261. What would you do if I do not respond you for the whole day?

262. What would you think, if I begin ignoring you?

263. Is there any secret you even did not tell me?

264. Tell something that even I don’t know about me?

265. Give points to my skills of socialization. 1-10?

266. Give points to my skills of honesty with relationships?

267. What I have cooked worst ever?

268. What is my specialty in cooking?

269. Am I good at making Salads?

270. Italian or Thai. Tell my favorite.

271. What would you do if you see me dancing on the street while drunk?

272. How is my taste of dressing? Rate from 1-10?

273. How is my taste of hairstyling? Rate from 1-10?

274. What was our most enjoyable event?

275. Will you marry any of my kids with yours? 

276. What will we do if we marry guys who are worst enemies of each other?

277. Imagine that I and your partner are dying at the same time and you only safe one. Who would be that person?

278. When did I call you for the last time?

279. What message I sent you last?

280. With what name you have saved my number in your phone?

Best Friend Tag Questions

281. Do you remember my phone number or have to look in to the contact list?

282. Suppose I will be allowed to shot dead one person and I won’t be found guilty for that. Who would that be?

283. What are my three secret capabilities?

284. Is there any secret of mine which you unintended shared with someone else?

285. If you have million dollars what would you buy for me?

286. If you have only dollars before my birthday what would you buy for me?

287. Describe me in a sentence.

288. Describe our friendship in three words.

289. Have I ever cried because of you?

290. Have I ever burst in to tears in happiness?

291. Am I fond of listening classical music?

292. Can both of us drive without music?

293. Who is a better dancer among us?

294. Do you ever felt jealous from my partner?

295. I and you are equals to…………..

296. What do you think; will I always remain loyal to you?

297. Tell three things you learnt from me.

298. Name a person who could replace me in your life.

299. What is my passion?

300. Can I ever replace you?

301. How can I put my part in strengthening our bond till death?

302. How many times you miss me in a day?

303. Tell three moments when you pray to God and ask him to send me for you.

304. Complete the sentence. Our friendship is ………………

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