300+ Really Cute Nicknames for Girls [With Meanings]

Despite having a good name in the World, most people have a second name. They are addressed by this name by their near and dear ones. When you grow so attached to the one you love, it’s inevitable that you come up with a nickname to call them. example Tommy James as “TJ” and “Sweety” is very common, but there are so many other cute nicknames for girls that you don’t have to stick with just one.

Here’s how you can pick adorable and cute nicknames for your little munchkin. It could be anything right from your favorite fruit to your favorite cartoon character. Some cute and adorable nicknames are listed below.

Cute & Sweet Nicknames For Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Honey / Hon’ / Honey Bunch – A classic name for a girl who is sweet and kind.

Giggles – Perfect for a girl who loves to giggle.

Candy / Caramel – She is as sweet and as addictive as candy.

Gummie Bear – Because she is sweet, soft, and you simply can not stop hugging her.

Peaches – Perfect pet name if you consider her cute and delightful.

Lil Dove / Little Dove – Call her this way if she is fragile and pure.

Daisy – Perfect for a woman who is delicate as a flower.

Bubbies – For someone who is too adorable.

Cuddly-Wuddly – If she loves to cuddle all the times.

Cutie / Cutie Head / Cutie Pie – Ideal for a girl you find cute and sweet.


Hummingbird – For that girl who has to be always active.

Cutie Patootie – Incredibly adorable nickname for a cute girl.

Chipmunk – Because she is as cute as this small animal.

Cheese Ball – For a small person who has a cool personality.

Bunbuns – For a soft, cuddly, and fluffy girl.

Pumpkin – Adorable nickname for a girl ith a bright and sweet personality.

Butter Cup – Perfect for a sweet, young person that is dear to you.

Cherry – Because she completes your life and personality like a cherry on the top of cake.

Cuddles – Best for a girl who loves to cuddle with you.

Cookie / Cookie Monster – Because she is as sweet as a little cookie.

Pet Names For Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Moonshine – Because her personality is so intoxicating.

Lady Luck – For a girl who is lucky all the time.

Copycat – Perfect for a girl who likes to mimic other people.

Sphinx – For a girl who loves cats.

Black Widow – Because she is dark, strong, and dangerous.

Frostbite – Because she loves winter.

Dragonfly – Her look is very exotic.

Black Lotus – For a girl whose beauty is deadly.

Eclipse – Because she is dark and impressive at the same time.

Chardonnay – Because her presence is exclusive.


Blueberry – For a girl that is round and fluffy.

Wonder Woman – She is a woman who owns every situation.

Lunar – Because she is pale and loves to daydream.

Opaline – Perfect for a girl whose personality has various colors.

Subzero – A cool nickname for a girl who does not express her feelings too much.

Sugar Plum – For a friend who is always sweet and cute.

Neptune – For a girl who loves water and ocean.

Firefly – Perfect for a friend who always guides you through tough times.

Katniss – Because she fights like a girl from movie Hunger Games.

Claws – Ideal for a girl ho likes to fight.

Cute Nicknames For Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Bella – Because she is pretty like a name Bella – you just have to love her.

Hot Lips / Sweet Lips – All you want to do is to kiss her all the time.

Angel Eyes / Bright Eyes – If her eyes are her best feature.

Diamond / Gem / Geminita – She is your precious diamond, the most beautiful stone ever.

Blossom Butt – This one doesn’t need anything else to say

Princess Peach – She is your princess, the one and only.

Starshine – Because nothing shines more than a star, your star.

Sleeping Beauty – You love to watch her sleep, the cutest moment ever.

Dollface – Because she looks like a doll, cutest doll ever.

Ma Beauté – French people know how to show love, and she deserves it.


Charminita – She is charming, lovely and adorable.

Baby Face – You like to squeeze her cheeks.

Butterfly – There is nothing like a full-grown butterfly.

Inamorata – Italian for the woman I love.

Hot Cakes / Hot Stuff / Hot Pants – She is hot, really HOT!

Blue / Green / Brown Eyes – If you absolutely love the color of her eye.

Treasure / Jewel – She is your jewel, the most precious jewel ever.

Barbie – You like to look at her, like a Barbie doll.

Sexy Lady / Pretty Lady – She is your sexy girl, nothing more to say here.

Beauty / Beauty Queen – No girl looks more adorable than she.

Nicknames For A Sister

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Sissy / Sis / Sissie – A typical classic name for good sister.

Baby Boo / Boo – For a cute little sister.

Issy – A weird name for your weird sister.

Nemo – Because she is cute but always gets lost.

Little Bits – Perfect for a small sister.

Bam Bam – A cute name for a little sister.

Kiddo – For your little sister who needs you in her life.

Monkey – For a silly and goofy girl who loves fun.

Goldie – She fulfills your every wish, just like a goldfish.

Sweetheart – She has a sweet personality and kind heart.


Sista – She is simply your big sister ho always take care of you.

Pebbles – Pebbles, ah pebbles, nothing more to add.

Missy – Because your sister is classy, like a Missy.

Smiley – Perfect if she smiles a lot.

Youngest – For the youngest girl in your family.

Ninja – For a sister who loves to fight with you and always needs to win.

Micro / Mini / Mini-Me – Cute name for a sister of a small size.

Lil One – This is for your cute little sister.

Toots – Like a tooth, sometimes she is a pain in the ass.

Hermanita – A Spanish version of a name for someone who is very close to your heart.

Pet Names For Baby Girl

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Bebits – Perfect for a crazy and silly girl.

Heartie – For a girl who has an honest and caring heart.

Bitsy – Ideal for a best friend of a small size with a big personality.

Friend-a – Because she is a real friend for you.

Amiga – A Spanish version of a friend.

Chica – For your friend who loves Latino.

Queen – Because she simply has every situation under her control.

Champ – A girl that’s always winning everything should have this nickname.

Skittles – Because she is small and full of flavors.

BFF – A classical version of “Best Friends Forever”.


Sunshine – Because she is always there for you to show you the bright side of things.

FooFoo – A weird pet name for that weird best friend.

Funny Hunny – Perfect for you funniest best friend that’s also sweet as honey.

Dearest – For a perfect girl ho always stands by your side.

Bubbles – If she is cute, curvy, and of big size.

Foxy – For a cunning girl.

Pancake – Because she is adorable and irresistible.

Bubba – For a big girl with a sweet heart.

Pickle – If she is always fresh and energic.

Cinnamon – Because she is sweet and sometimes spicy.

Best Pet Names For Girlfriend 

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Boo / Boo Bear – For a girl who is affectionate and loves to hug.

Hon’ Bun – It is a cute and nice nickname that can create a loving atmosphere between you and your GF.

Little Donut – Use this pet name for a girl who is as addictive as a donut. (Never use it if she is insecure about her weight).

Love Bug – Warning, cuteness overloaded!

Dreamboat – For a girl of your dreams who always supports you.

Fruit Loop – Because she is just adorable and silly.

Honey / Sugar – Use this if she is incredibly sweet.

Care Bear – Because she has a big heart and always care about others.

Cookie – For a girl who is as sweet and popular as a cookie.

Loo Loo – If your girl is frigging hot, fun and sweet.


Sunshine / Sunny – For a girl who is radiant and makes you happy all the time.

Fluffy – If she is as soft as a pillow.

Tootsie – For a girl who has lovely feet you cannot simply resist.

Dimples – Because she has irresistible dimples in her cheeks.

Babylicious – Because she is cute as a baby and delicious at the same time.

Melody – For a girl who loves to sing.

Waffles – Because you simply love her and cannot resist her.

Sweetness / Sweetie / Sweetheart – A timeless classic you can use every time.

Twinkle / Twinkie – Because she is cute and kind.

Honey Bunny – For a girl who is kind, sweet, soft, and cuddly.

Cute Nicknames For Short Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Fun Size – Because everything is more precious and better in a fun size.

Oompa Loompa – An adorable pet name for an adorable tiny girl.

Munchkin – Great nickname for a funny girl of tiny size.

Kitty – Because she is as sweet and as adorable as a little kitten.

Peanut – For a woman you can not get enough of.

Cupcake – Because everyone loves her.

Mini Me – For a cute lady that is always sweet and kind.

Tiny Boo – She easily gets scared of things.

Hobbitess – Because she has a great appetite and not hairy feet.

Short Stuff – Because she always wears short clothes.


Little Bit – Her presence is scarce, but you still like her.

Little Miss – Because she is beautiful, no matter her size.

Nugget – She looks tasty and size of as

Ankle Biter – Because she loves to tease you.

Shorty – Old classic that may be offensive to some.

Shrimpy – Because she is as small and as fast as a little shrimp.

Pint Size – For an adorable and funny girl.

Pipsqueak – Cute nickname for a super cute person.

Little Runner – Because she is hasty.

Sweet Pea – Because she is as sweet and as cute as a pea.

Best Nicknames For Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Gorgeous – This is a name that is evergreen. Calling a woman gorgeous is always a good nickname.

Cute Pie – A name for the girl that is cute and sweet as pie.

Darling – A timeless name to call her at any age.

Bug – The perfect name to call her when cuddling together and watching a movie.

Honey Bunch – Nothing is sweeter than honey, except your woman

Bubble Butt – This is self-explanatory, but be careful: she may get mad.

Sweet Little Dumpling – A woman with a curvy figure that likes to show off her curves will appreciate this one.

Fruit Loop – A playful name that should be used with caution.

Kitten – Playful, cute and sweet describes her – and a kitten, of course.

Doll Face – Beautiful and flaw-free is what doll face means


Angel Eyes – The eyes of an angel are something that every girl strives for, but they are meant only for your special lady.

Babe – A babe means a girl that is beautiful, so it describes her perfectly.

Dreamboat – She’s a boat filled with dreams.

Pancakes – A pet name with no real meaning.

Pet – Cute and cuddly just like she is

Love of my Life – More of a beautiful saying than a real nickname.

Lover Girl – Old fashioned and cute. This is a great name that isn’t too mushy but still hits the right chords with any girl.

Honey Bunny – Sweet as honey, and cuddly and cute like a bunny.

Sweetheart – Your girl has a sweet heart, so remind her of it often.

Pumpkin – There is no real meaning to this name, but it is often used among couples.

Nicknames For Your Best Friend

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Queen – She is the queen of your heart, so don’t let her forget it.

Juliet – The ideal name for the romantic. After all, you get to be Romeo.

Daisy – Bright as the sun, and delicate as a flower.

Happiness – She is what happiness means to you.

Boo – A new nickname that is adoring.

Button – Cute and small like a button.

Angel – There is no girl in the world that wouldn’t want to be called an angel.

Magic – A personal nickname that often relates to how you see her – like magic.

Donut – The choice for someone that is sweet and round.

Summer – Bright and radiant like the summer sun.


Bub – Gender neutral. Bub is the name to use when you are very comfortable being with her.

Diamond – Pure perfection with a smile that can rival even the world’s most beautiful jewel: a diamond.

Cinnamon – The girl that is so sweet and so good that the only word to call her is a spice often found in cakes and cinnamon buns.

Wifey – If she means a lot to you and you plan on getting married, “wifey” is a good choice.

Cinderella – The princess of your heart.

Hot-stuff – When she is looking hot and sexy, let her know with this nickname.

Sunshine – The light of your life and the warmth of your world.

Doodle Bug – If she is a painter or someone that likes to draw, you may call her “doodle bug.”

Cutie Patootie – An affectionate name for someone that is as cute as a button.

Flower Child – Meant for a woman that is a flower child: a person that loves the earth and wants nothing but peace.

Cool Pet Names For Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Precious – A person so valuable that you never want them to leave.

Hot Mama – Another funny name to use when she is looking her best.

Bright Eyes – Eyes that are bright and beautiful deserve a fitting nickname, such as bright eyes.

Cookie – So sweet and good that you just want to eat her all up.

My All – If she means everything to you, this is the perfect name for her.

Lucky Charm – Does she bring you luck wherever you go? If so, she may just be your “lucky charm.”

Dream Girl – Is she the girl of your dreams? Of course, she is so you should tell her whenever you call her name.

Butterfly – The girl that has had a beautiful transformation in life.

Charming – If she is sweet and charming, you can tell her so.

Lamb – Sweet and undeniably cute.


Cupcake – The sweetest of the sweet.

Spring – Does she add color and happiness to your life?

Lemon – An exciting name for an exciting girl.

Adorable – A person that is so unbelievably cute.

Pooh – If she is a fan of Winnie the Pooh, she will appreciate this name.

Baby Girl – An affectionate name for her that is adoring, yet cute.

Rose – Precious, beautiful and delicate like a rose.

Hop – A cute name for someone that is fun and exciting.

Joy – The right name if she brings you happiness and joy.

Melody – A girl with a voice that sings a melody to your heart.

Pet Names For Beautiful & Pretty GirlsCute Nicknames for Girls

Baby Bear – If she likes to cuddle, you can call her baby bear.

Sprinkles – Colorful, fun and happy is what the name sprinkles indicate.

Cherry – Sweet and tasty just like a cherry.

Better Half – This is a nickname that is common. A person’s better half is their girlfriend or boyfriend that is better, prettier or sweeter than they are.

Snuggly – Someone so darn cute that all you want to do is snuggle with them.

Dove – Beautiful and innocent just like a white dove.

Peach – A vibrant and delicate woman that is sweet.

Fairy – The name for a younger girl that loves magic and romance.

Lil Dove – A play on the nickname “Dove.” The addition of “Lil” makes it a little cuter.

Blossom – The person that blossomed into your life, making it better than you could ever imagine.


Bitsy – Small and cute, bitsy is a name often heard in the south, and is both cute and welcomed.

Gum Drop – There is really no meaning behind this name, but it is used often.

Heart Throb – Meant for the teenage crowd. This is a person that makes everyone’s heart throb.

Giggles – If she has a laugh that is contagious, you can call her giggles.

Smiley – A name for the girl who can’t help but smile.

Gummie Bear – The meaning is kind of hidden in this one, but it is a cute name.

Dimples – Girls that have cute dimples when they smile should be told every day.

Cowgirl – Meant for the girl that lives in the south and may or may not have grown up on a farm or ranch.

Little Mama – Ideal for older ladies. This is a cute name for small moms or the older crowd.

Baby Angel – The girl that is your baby, yet an angel sent to you from heaven.

Really Cute Nicknames for Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Princess – The fairytale princess that you always envisioned in life.

Chickadee – A cute name with no real meaning.

Sugar Plum – Sweet as sugar and delicate as a plum.

Main Squeeze – Often said as “you’re my main squeeze.” This nickname means she is your main woman.

Precious Angel – This is just like the precious nickname we discussed in the first half of this list but is a little sweeter with “angel’ added.

Sweetness – The girl that is so sweet, you call her sweetness.

Babylicious – A delicious girl that is all yours.

Sugar – A classic nickname for a girl that is sweet as sugar.

Sweet Thang – The name for the woman that is sexy.

Babette – A cute take on the classic “babe” pet name.


Toots – A name only to be used when you are in a long-term relationship.

Butthead – Playful in nature. Butthead is used when she is being a butthead.

Monkey Butt – This must only be used in the right situation.

Blue Eyes – This only works if you have a beautiful, blue-eyed girl in your life.

Cupid – The girl that has shot an arrow at your heart and stole it away.

Pebbles – Another adoring name with no real meaning.

Valentine – Every day you are with her is a reminder of your love.

Smoochy – If you love kissing her, smoochy is a great name.

Lovebird – Delicate like your love and cute as a bird.

Hottie – She is hot and sexy, so tell her.

Really Cute Nicknames

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Sweetie – A pet name that every person has heard before.

Twinkle – The name for the star in your life that brings a twinkle to your eyes.

Tulip – There is no particular meaning behind this nickname, but it is quite popular.

Yummy – The perfect word to say when she looks good enough to eat.

Sex Kitten – The perfect name for the frisky girl in your life. Just make sure that you never use this in front of her parents.

Pudding – Adorable and sweet. Pudding should only be used on girls that are confident.

Cookie – Cute and sweet.

Star – Bright and beautiful like the stars above.

Snowflake – She is pure and white as snow, and just as delicate.

Cream – A nickname with many meanings. This could mean the way she looks or tastes.


Honey Buns – A name with two meanings. She may be sweet like a honey bun, or her “buns” may look good.

Snookie – No, not the reality star. This is a name that is cute and adoring.

Lover – The name for the love of your life.

Ace – Another classic used for the woman that is the best in your life.

Buttercup – A name often used to describe a girl that is your buttercup.

Freckles – When a woman has freckles that are oh so cute, calling her freckles comes naturally.

Gillette – When a woman is the best a man can get, calling her Gillette will be a cute way to remind her.

Fantasy – A girl that is too good to be true.

Heaven – The name for a girl so perfect that nothing else but heaven can describe her.

Jelly Bean – No real meaning besides that she is sweet and cute.

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Squirt – Meant for the girl that is much smaller than you. This is more playful than sweet.

Little Lady – Another classic. Calling her little lady is cute and sweet.

Hun – Simple and traditional.

Queenie – The name given to any woman that you want to be with forever.

Mi Amor – Adding a little twist with a word that is not in English.

Peanut – She is small and cute, so peanut is the perfect name for her.

Mouse – The ideal name for a girl that is quiet and shy.

Kitty – Just like the nickname “kitten.”

Meow – Another cat reference for the frisky woman in your life.

Superstar – She may not be famous, but she is a superstar in your eyes.


Pussycat – A frisky name for a frisky woman.

Soulmate – A name that doesn’t need a description.

Sugar Lips – The kisses she gives you are as sweet and tasty as sugar.

Gem – Priceless and beautiful in every way.

Saint – A woman so pure and innocent, she must be a saint.

Chica – Playful and fun. Chica can be used at any time in a relationship.

Minnie – Just like Disney’s Minnie, she is perfect in every way.

Pookie – No real meaning, but it is cute.

Bella – “Beautiful” in Italian. This is another adoring nickname for her.

Snuggles – The name for the girl that loves to snuggle in bed with you.

Really Cute Nicknames for Babes

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Treasure – A life filled with happiness and riches is what her love means to you.

Passion – She brings passion into your life.

Spirit – If she means the world to you, then spirit is the perfect name.

Jewel – Precious and beautiful like a jewel.

Pearl – Innocent and precious.

Prize – The name to give her when she is your number 1.

Flame – A woman who has an essence as bright and radiant as a flame.

Temptress – Frisky, fun, and tempting. This name is ideal in the bedroom, or when you’re really flirting.

Sweet Pea – A name heard a million times. Often, this name refers to a person that is small and sweet.

Firecracker – Filled with passion and excitement.

Cute Nicknames for Girls

Schatzi – A German way to call her dear or honey.

Sheba – A Hebrew name that means promise.

Sigal – it means purple or violet in Hebrew.

Sorella – An Italian word meaning “sister.”

Süsse – A German phrase meaning Sweet.

Tesoro – An Italian phrase meaning treasure.

Ti Fi – A Haitian word meaning “girl.”

Vita Mia – A Spanish phrase meaning my life.

Vita – An Italian word with Latin origin meaning life. An affectionate term for the love of your life.

Vye Fi – A Haitian word meaning “bad girl.” It could denote “Wifey” as well.


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