The series “In another world with my smartphone” is a fantasy genre taken from a Japanese light novel. This novel is quite famous for anime lovers with a magical touch given to the story. Production Reed is responsible for the release of In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2. This light novel got inspired to get up to television genre series, which is now loved by many fantasy lovers. Patora Fuyuhara wrote the light novel of this series, and illustration was done by Eiji Usatsuka and then later directed as series by Takeyuki Yanase.

What’s The Actual Story That Follows In This Series?

This series begins with a good start which creates excitement for us. A boy named Touya, who is 15-year-old gets demised by the god unknowingly with a thunderstorm that was created by him. By that incident, the god felt guilty and gave a new life to Touya in another world, which is known as the land of magic. God also allows Touya to carry his smartphone along with him to another world; Touya gets granted 7 magical powers; water, fire, dark, light, wind, null, and earth by god. 

The actual beginning starts in this story. As soon as Touya lands in another world, he gets a magical power that the phone gets recharged by itself with a good internet which he can use. Touya gets surrounded by many girls, which creates a romantic moment. This is the story that follows in this series. Touya is the main lead for this series; later on his arrival, he becomes sovereign king of Brunhild Dukedom and king of spirits in the magical world with nine wives.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Release Date

In Another World With My Smartphone started airing on July 11th in 2017. The studio that brought it to life was Production Reed. Funimation gave us the English dub. Just like many Isekai genre anime, it started online on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō site. The most famous series coming from that site is Log Horizon. As per Production Reed, the release date for season 2 is not yet confirmed, nor production house has started the making of season 2; maybe it can be premiered in the mid of 2022.

The production company gave a manifestation that they are interested in continuing the series with another season. The anime watchers must wait for the official announcement of season 2. On a note, season 1 has premiered on July 11th in the year of 2017, in season 1 it has ended with a point that season 2 will be released, which we can take as an indication that the series “In another world with my smartphone” will be started shortly as it has been 3 years since the season 1 got released.

What Is The Main Plot In Season 2?

As per the reviews of many people who watched this series, it should be considered a sequel anime. Taking a part of the conclusion of season 1, which has 12 long episodes, professor Regina Babylon had created 9 humanoid female robots many years ago, and these 9 robots are paired up with Touya. All the fans are registered on this basis that those 9 female robots will be wives of Touya in the second season. The main plot of season 2 has been revealed that a new character of a villain named Fraze is introduced, who tries to defend those 9 female robots. Hence, a battle could be started with a sumptuous outcome that will be an exciting season for all anime lovers.

Characters Included In Season 2

This series is under a sequel series where the same characters in season 1 will continue in season 2 with a magnificent role. An enemy character has added up named Fraze to create a war battle that fills with a more majestic feel to the audience. The prime characters of this season are Touya, Elze Silhoueska, Linze Silhoueska, Yae kokonoe. Some other characters included Sushie Urnea Ortlinde, YuminaUrnea Belfast, Leen, Lucia Leah Regulus, Kohaku, Hildegard Minas Lestia, Sakura, and maids. In the mentioned above characters, linze and elze are sisters.

Is There Any Source Material For Season 2?

By the grace of fans who crossed their fingers for the release of season 2. The production reed has enough content for making season 2. The series “In another world with smartphone” had 22 volumes in it. Season 1 was made from only 3 novels, which tells us that there is plenty of source material that can be made into a good humorous story for season 2, and it is good news for all the fans who are waiting for season 2 arrival. After watching this anime series, it becomes a magical dream for everyone out there.

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