New Anime Series “Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” Announced

The Japanese television station Fuji TV today announced that one manga series “Kento Ankoku the Cestvs” and “Kento Shito the Cestvs” can produce from Shizuya Wazarai an anime adaptation of which the title “Cestvs: carrying The Roman Fighter”.

Cestvs: The Roman Fighter Release Date April 2021

The series is being directed by Toshifumi Kawase (“Tenjho Tenge”, “Matchless Raijin-Oh”) in the Bandai Namco Pictures studio. Professional boxer Yoshihiro Kamegai assists the anime team in the fight scenes. Masahiro Tokuda, Akihiro Manabe and Yoshiyasu Ueda compose the music, while LOGIC & MAGIC is responsible for the CG production.

Hiromu Mineta can be heard in the main role of Cestv, who is taking on his first major role in an anime. Before that, he lent his voice to the characters Tanaka in “How to Keep a Mummy” and Touma Higemaru in “Tokyo Ghoul: re”.

“Cestvs: The Roman Fighter” will be broadcast from April 2021 in the “+ Ultra” program block of Fuji TV. The manga “Kentō Ankoku Den Cestvs” appeared between 1997 and 2009 in the “Young Animal” magazine. The sequel “Kentō Shitō Den Cestvs” has been published by Hakusensha since 2010.




CharacterVoice Actor
CestusHiromu Mineta

Production Team

DirectorToshifumi Kawase (“Tenjho Tenge”, “Matchless Raijin-Oh”) 
ProducerBandai Namco Pictures
Fighting Scene AdvisorYoshihiro Kamegai
CG productionLOGIC & MAGIC
MusicMasahiro Tokuda, Akihiro Manabe and Yoshiyasu Ueda


54 AD Cestus, a boy orphaned and enslaved by the Roman Empire, is sent to a training center for pugilists. Here he begins his journey to defy fate and fight for his own freedom.

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