In the recently released 98th manga volume of “One Piece”, Eiichiro Oda not only drew Sanji at the ages of 40 and 60, but also answered some fan questions. Below we have selected a small selection of interesting and quirky questions.

Oda on Kaido’s Devil’s Fruit and Luffy’s Gear 5

Among other things, Oda revealed for the first time the full name of the devil’s fruit that villain Kaido ate. This was the Uo Uo no Mi, the fish fruit. However, the pirate emperor ate a mythical version of the fruit: Seiryuu. This is a dragon deity from Chinese and Japanese mythology.

With a wink, the mangaka answered the question of a young fan who wanted to know whether a “Gear 5” form could become “a thing” for Luffy in the future. Oda said that Luffy must currently defeat the “strongest [man] in the world”. The world is therefore, in a sense, “in a time of transition from 4G to 5G.” “G” means “Gear,” right?”

What Would be the Vicious Powers of Zorro, Nami & Co.?

In addition, the “One Piece” creator answered which devil powers would suit the straw hat pirates who did not eat devil’s fruit. For Zorro, the ideal candidate would be the devil’s fruit of Kaido, but not for himself, but for his sword. According to Oda, such a sword, which could turn into a dragon, is simply “insanely cool”.

Nami would give him the thunder fruit that villain Enel ate. According to Oda, with the exception of Luffy, no one could stop her with that. For Lysop, the pocket fruit would be a suitable choice, while he would give Cyborg Franky the weapon fruit. At Sanji, Odas’ choice fell on the swimming fruit. This would allow it to “slip through walls,”which would be a “pretty nasty ability.”

In addition, the character Yamato, the daughter of Kaido, who meets Luffy in the current “Wano Kuni”-Arc, was given a birthday. As one fan wrote to Oda, his grandmother said yamato had his birthday on November 3rd, to which the mangaka replied, “Well, I guess it’s November 3rd.”

Eiichiro Oda started “One Piece” in July 1997 in the “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine. The publishing house Shueisha has published 98 volumes in Japan. More recently, the mangaka reiterated his intentions to end the series within the next four to five years.

Devil’s Fruit (via @newworldartur):


The legendary pirate treasure “One Piece” is the object of desire for all sailors. Also for Monkey D. Luffy, who has been fascinated by the activities of seafarers since early childhood. However, any attempts to hire on one of the ships fail miserably. When he eats a so-called gum fruit one day, his life changes abruptly: all of a sudden he can no longer swim, but he can no longer swim, but knot and stretch his limbs as if they were made of rubber.

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