One Piece Where Do The Characters Come From In Reality?

Devil fruits? A world that consists almost entirely of oceans? A fabulous treasure that the strongest and most notorious pirate of all time is said to have hidden somewhere on this planet? There’s nothing like it! But if we pretend – where did the crew of the Thousand Sunny come from?

It’s true, the adventures Luffy and his crew experience in the world of One Piece are hard to imagine in reality. That and the fact that the world map of One Piece looks completely different from ours makes it actually logical that the pirate epic is not set in our world , but on a fantastic planet full of magical wonders and supernatural dangers.

Nevertheless, even the master Eiichiro Oda himself, the mangaka from One Piece, thought about the origins of the Straw Hat pirates. No, not which fictional island they come from, but where they would come from if they had been born in our world ! In the question-and-answer column of the 56th paperback edition , Oda put this thought into words himself!

Where Do The Characters Come From In Reality?


If you just look at our straw hat-wearing hero of the oceans, it’s not that far-fetched: Black hair, slightly olive-colored skin, that’s about the typical appearance of a South American who has been used to the hot sun in beautiful Brazil for generations .

But did you also know that Brazil was one of the first rubber producers ever and even had the highest rubber export in the world in the 19th century? Even today the country is still one of the big rubber traders. Hm, what could rubber have to do with Luffy?


Almost logical that a master swordsman like Roronoa Zoro would belong to a country known for its swords (well, actually they are sabers ): Japan, the land of the rising sun. Not only that, but the first crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates also seems to have a particular fondness for a certain Japanese dish: he got rice balls or onigiri (unfortunately seasoned with sugar instead of salt) from young Rika when he was at the beginning of the story Shellstown Naval Base was held captive.

His best-known attack is “onigiri” (which is spelled differently in Japanese than the meal and could be translated as “demon slicer”) is an allusion to the Japanese rice snack and a proper Japanese term, not a typical one-piece fantasy word. Well then, banzai and itadakimasu!


Hm, to be honest, we have to rack our brains here. As a hypothetical Swede, Nami may have Viking ancestors who were also seasoned sailors, making her perfect as a ship navigator. Or is it their red hair color , which in Scandinavia occurs relatively often in the local population? The relation to beautiful Sweden is a bit of a mystery to us, but hey: If the boss wants it that way, he’ll be right!


Ui, well, you have to take the term “country” very broadly if you want to count all nations of Africa as one “country”! According to Oda, the fantastic Sagittarius Usop comes from Africa – at least somewhere on the continent.

At least visually, it would fit very well in one of the countries: dark skin, plump lips, a black curly head , that’s how you could probably describe a typical African “native”. Still, Oda could have specified it a little better, we think!


Hon hon hon! Which nation is better suited to a Smutje than the land of culinary specialties, la République française ? Sanji Vinsmoke knows how to make a decent meal, and French cuisine is also known for its finest cuisine.

As with Zorro, Sanji’s attacks also allude to the typical local cuisine. Our chef doesn’t just limit himself to a snack, he also describes entire French kitchen terms such as the chest (poitrine) or the neck (necklace) of a slaughtered animal. Bon Appetit!

Tony Tony Chopper

Everything speaks for the fact that the reindeer boy comes from beautiful Canada! His skill as a ship’s doctor alludes to Canada’s signature healthcare system and his meek demeanor to the cliché of the calm, open-hearted Canadian who apologizes for everything and wants to avoid anger at all costs. His fondness for sweets also goes perfectly with the famous Canadian maple syrup.

And of course, a lot of renties come to the cold area of ​​Canada … Wait, something is wrong. Reindeer like Chopper is not native to Canada, but the so-called caribou! These are the same species, but different subspecies, as European reindeer are semi-domesticated. Just off, but the mangaka can be forgiven for that!

Nico Robin

This is probably the most confused answer Oda has given regarding the nationalities of all crew members. The internet is confused and so are we; what exactly is so “Russian” about Nico Robin? In the course of the series (and especially after the big time skip) her skin loses a lot of tan, at least that more or less fits the typical appearance of a native Russian. Is it the big bust? Are Russian women known for it? We and the entire Internet are completely screwed up here, but maybe Oda didn’t think much about it and just thinks the country is as beautiful as he draws Robin.


Freedom, independence, and loads of hamburgers – America, f… yeah! Franky is more optimistic, energetic, and individualistic like no other in Luffy’s ship crew, just as one would say of a stereotypical American. Sometimes he may be loud and quick-tempered, but in his heart, he only means well – typically American!

Then there is the local culinary art: Many US American dishes may not be particularly healthy, but the ship’s carpenter never misses a juicy hamburger with a few crispy fried French fries and a refreshing bottle of cola! Not to mention the fact that cola is its entire source of energy.


Hey, I’ve even been to that country before! The actually not so creepy skeleton of the straw hat gang would, if it existed in reality, come from the Alpine Republic of Austria, according to Oda. The reason? His affinity for music, especially classical, because the country is known throughout Japan as a musical stronghold of the world, especially Vienna and Salzburg with their many opera houses and theaters, in which Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert already had dozens of famous performances!

In addition, there is a (perhaps a bit far-fetched) theory circulating on the Internet that tries to establish a further connection between Brook and Austria. After the Second World War, a new federal constitutional law was passed, which aims to ensure military neutrality – just like Switzerland – in the country. Brook is just as “neutral”. He simply accepts any joke at his own expense and always smiles at it. Occasionally he makes fun of himself and always takes the whole thing with humor!

Who is still missing now? Well, the newest member Jinbei has not yet been “classified” by Oda, but maybe you have an idea! Could he be the second Japanese on the crew in his kimono?

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