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Positive Life Quotes for Success in Life & Work

Positive people, those who choose a good mood over a bad day, have a powerful advantage over negative thinkers. While some people allow life’s problems to get them down, optimistic people remind themselves that bad times are only temporary. They find ways to practice positivity, and with a sunny outlook on life, their energy is wildly infectious. Here We Have given a Unique Collection of Positive Life Quotes for Success in Life & Work. We also have a great collection of Good Night WishesGood Night Quotes.

Positive Life Quotes

Positive Life Quotes

Don’T Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.

Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your World.

How You Do One Thing, Is How You Do Everything.

Winning Isn’T Everything, But Wanting To Win Is.

You Miss 100 Percent Of The Shots You Don’T Take.

A Man Should Never Neglect His Family For Business.

You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.

When You Change Your Thoughts, You Change Your World.

The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do.

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent.

Failure Is The Condiment That Gives Success Its Flavor.

You May Have To Fight A Battle More Than Once To Win It.

Don’T Quit. When Things Go Wrong, As They Sometimes Will.

Positive Thinking Quotes

Positive Thinking Quotes

Somewhere, Someone Else Is Happy With Less Than You Have.

If You Cannot Do Great Things, Do Small Things In A Great Way

We Don’T Have To Agree On Anything To Be Kind To One Another.

What You Do Speaks So Loudly That I Cannot Hear What You Say.

To Live A Creative Life, We Must Lose Our Fear Of Being Wrong.

It’S Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’S Whether You Get Up.

It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go As Long As You Do Not Stop.

You Must Expect Great Things Of Yourself Before You Can Do Them.

The Price Of Anything Is The Amount Of Life You Exchange For It.

Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day-In And Day-Out.

What Seems To Us As Bitter Trials Are Often Blessings In Disguise.

The Road To Success And The Road To Failure Are Almost Exactly The Same.

When Writing The Story Of Your Life, Don’T Let Anyone Else Hold The Pen.

Nothing In The World Is More Common Than Unsuccessful People With Talent.

The Problem With The Rat Race Is That Even If You Win, You’Re Still A Rat.

Positive Attitude Quotes

Positive Attitude Quotes

Never Give Up On Something That You Can’T Go A Day Without Thinking About.

If You’Re Offered A Seat On A Rocket Ship, Don’T Ask What Seat! Just Get On.

Even If You’Re On The Right Track, You’Ll Get Run Over If You Just Sit There.

Blessed Are Those Who Can Give Without Remembering And Take Without Forgetting.

Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.

A Professional Is Someone Who Can Do His Best Work When He Doesn’T Feel Like It.

If You Genuinely Want Something, Don’T Wait For It–Teach Yourself To Be Impatient.

Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.

Today, Wherever You Go, Carry The Intention Of Peace, Love, And Harmony In Your Heart.

Never Complain, Never Explain. Resist The Temptation To Defend Yourself Or Make Excuses.

The Quickest Way To Double Your Money Is To Fold It Over And Put It Back In Your Pocket.

I Don’T Regret The Things I’Ve Done, I Regret The Things I Didn’T Do When I Had The Chance.

Always Bear In Mind That Your Own Resolution To Succeed Is More Important Than Any One Thing.

What Lies Behind Us And What Lies Before Us Are Tiny Matters Compared To What Lies Within Us.

Good Things Come To People Who Wait, But Better Things Come To Those Who Go Out And Get Them.

Quotes About Positivity

Quotes About Positivity

A Positive Attitude May Not Solve All Your Problems, But It Annoys Enough People To Make It Worth.

Your Smile Will Give You A Positive Countenance That Will Make People Feel Comfortable Around You.

To Accomplish Great Things, We Must Not Only Act, But Also Dream, Not Only Plan, But Also Believe.

Happiness Is Not Something You Postpone For The Future; It Is Something You Design For The Present.

Limitations Live Only In Our Minds. But If We Use Our Imaginations, Our Possibilities Become Limitless.

The Pessimist Complains About The Wind. The Optimist Expects It To Change. The Leader Adjusts The Sails.

The Number One Reason People Fail In Life Is Because They Listen To Their Friends, Family, And Neighbors.

You Have Brains In Your Head. You Have Feet In Your Shoes. You Can Steer Yourself, Any Direction You Choose.

People Often Say That Motivation Doesn’T Last. Well, Neither Does Bathing–That’S Why We Recommend It Daily.

If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’T Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.

Positive Quotes for the Day

Positive Quotes for the Day

Happiness Is An Attitude. We Either Make Ourselves Miserable, Or Happy And Strong. The Amount Of Work Is The Same.

Too Many People Spend Money They Haven’T Earned, To Buy Things They Don’T Want, To Impress People They Don’T Like.

When Everything Seems To Be Going Against You, Remember That The Airplane Takes Off Against The Wind, Not With It.

It Is Not The Strongest Of The Species That Survive, Nor The Most Intelligent, But The One Most Responsive To Change.

There Are Two Primary Choices In Life: To Accept Conditions As They Exist, Or Accept The Responsibility For Changing Them.

The First Step Toward Success Is Taken When You Refuse To Be A Captive Of The Environment In Which You First Find Yourself.

There Are Two Ways To Live Your Life. One Is As Though Nothing Is A Miracle. The Other Is As Though Everything Is A Miracle

When I Stand Before God At The End Of My Life, I Would Hope That I Would Not Have A Single Bit Of Talent Left And Could Say, I Used Everything You Gave Me.

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