Re: Zero starting life in another world is one of the most famous Japanese anime series, which was adapted from a light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki and was exemplified by Shinichirou Otsuka. This isekai anime has been amongst the highest-rated series since its release year- 2016. Re: Zero has been one of the treasured animes produced by the White Fox Studio, which has been capable of reaching heights of success. White Fox Studio’s upcoming anime is Re: Zero Season 3, The Devil Is a Part Timer Season 2, Arifureta Season 2.

Re: Zero Season 3 Release Date

Viewers haven’t expected the second season of Re: Zero as there had been a long gap between the first and the second season, but to the viewers’ surprise, there was an announcement of the third season as soon as the second season was over on March 24th, 2021. The second season of Re: Zero was rated with 5 stars and received excellent remarks by its viewers as the second season ended on an alimentary and happy note. When wondering about the Isekai animes, one of the most popular Isekai anime that comes to our mind is ‘Re: Zero –starting life in another world. Without a doubt, Re: Zero has gained tons of positive remarks. Well, to reveal more about the story of Re: Zero and to know the relationship between Emilia and Satella, there is a wide range of hopes of the release of season 3 real soon.

Re: Zero Overview

A universe of pixie, magic and spirits awaits an ordinary teenager named Subaru, who is one of the main characters of this anime series. In the story, Subaru supports and protects Emilia, whose badge or insignia had been robbed, as he notices that somehow his faith is connected to her. Further in the story, Subaru realizes that he is pulled back in time to start his life from zero every time he dies, as the name of the series describes.

People fear Emilia as she resembles a witch being a half-elf, so people treat her as an untouchable. She also participates in the royal selection to become the 42nd king of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. Contestants of the election, witch’s cult, and humans who feared her became her enemies. Subaru uses his wits and abilities to protect Emilia from all her enemies. To know the entire story, watch Re: Zero Season 1 and Season 2 before season 3 is out!

Re: Zero Season 3 Release Date Predictions

When will Re: Zero Season 3 Release?

In an interview with Sho Tanaka, who is the producer of this anime series, he stated that the fans would be clamoring for one more season after watching the second season of Re: zero, which was definitely proved right as viewers were overwhelmed by the end of season 2. This announcement raised hope within the viewers for the release of Re: Zero Season 3. However, the producer did not mention any specific date for releasing season 3.

There is a lot of content available to be animated or cast as Nagatsuki had mentioned that the light novel has barely been covered even after completing 24 volumes in September 2020. The release of season 3 has been predicted to be cast within 2021 to 2023 at the latest, as the second season was released after 4 years since the end of season 1. 

More about Re: Zero

Two cours of the second season of the anime was released in September 2020. A cour is the time span of each episode in an anime series during the initial Japanese television broadcasting. One cour runs for three months. The first cour of season 2 was premiered from July to September, and the second cour was premiered from January to march 2021. Season 3 has been considered to follow the light novel, which will be supervised by the writer, Tappei Nagatsuki.

The fifth arc of the novel is assumed to be covered in season 3 of Re: Zero. ‘Stars That Engrave History’ is known to be the fifth arc which will be focusing on another member of the royal selection, Anastasia. Season 3 is about to introduce many new characters, which may or may not have a huge significance in the story. The witch’s cult may come back to cause great havoc through the Water Gate City under the command of Sir Archbishop. The official knight of Emilia –Subaru will be seen on the move again. There’s more to know about the witch’s cult and Satella in the coming season. Stay tuned until the release of the much-awaited anime series Re: Zero –starting life in another world. 

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