27 Meaningful Soul Eater Quotes That Will Change Your View of Life

Death City is home to the famous Death Weapon Meister Academy, a technical academy headed by the Shinigami Lord Death himself. Its mission: to raise “Death Scythes” for the Shinigami to wield against the many evils of their fantastical world. These Death Scythes, however, are not made from physical weapons; rather, they are born from human hybrids who have the ability to transform their bodies into Demon Weapons, and only after they have consumed the souls of 99 evil beings and one witch’s soul.

Soul Eater Evans, a Demon Scythe who only seems to care about what’s cool, aims to become a Death Scythe with the help of his straight-laced wielder, or meister, Maka Albarn. The contrasting duo work and study alongside the hot-headed Black☆Star and his caring weapon Tsubaki, as well as the Shinigami’s own son, Death the Kid, an obsessive-compulsive dual wielder of twin pistols Patty and Liz.

Soul Eater follows these students of Shibusen as they take on missions to collect souls and protect the city from the world’s threats while working together under the snickering sun to become sounder in mind, body, and soul. Today we are sharing 27 Meaningful Soul Eater Quotes That Will Change Your Life. We also shared All Might QuotesHaikyuu Quotes.

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Meaningful Soul Eater Quotes

“The fear of interacting with people…even I understand that one.” – Soul Evans

“If you forget your fear you become reckless.” – Soul Evans

“A sound soul… dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body.” – Maka Albarn

“I refuse to let my fear control me anymore.” – Maka Albarn

“We might be scared but that’s what makes us stronger.” – Maka Albarn

“People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger.” – Maka Albarn

“It’s not that you don’t know how to deal with people. It’s that no one took the time to deal with you.” – Maka Albarn

“You men. All of you, you’re horrible. Cheating on every woman. But you, you I actually decided to trust. I put my faith in you. I can’t believe this. I wish that all of you would just die!” – Maka Albarn

“There is no inherent right or wrong in this world, those labels are just artificial constructs. Right and wrong are held by positions of authority.” – Franken Stein

“This is fear. That’s good then, I had forgotten what it felt like.” – Franken Stein

“This is how all that talk about killing me comes to an end? Of course I knew you wouldn’t deliver. At least you provided me with some entertainment.” – Medusa Gorgon

“Fear is what creates order.” – Medusa Gorgon

“An apple a day keeps any one away, if you throw it hard enough.” – Marie Mjolnir

“If the dark sky is me, then the sparkling stars are Tsubaki.” – Black Star

“I’ll never show you my tears. These are the tears of those who died with regrets. If there’s a way to take away these regrets, I’ll make sure I’ll find it. If it’s fear that you speak of, then I’ll stand and face it. I’ll never give up. The only time I lose is when I die.” – Black Star

As long as I don’t admit defeat, then it’ll never be a loss.” – Black Star

“What’s the point of worrying about the past? A real star keeps moving forward.” – Black Star

“If you pick a fight with a god of death, I can’t guarantee your soul’s safety.” – Death The Kid

“I’m going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be. Until the world is balanced.” – Death The Kid

“I do not deny evil, nor do I believe that any human is completely free of malice. Everything must be in balance. As long as evil and good maintain an equilibrium in this world, there is no problem. Perfect balance is the key to everything.” – Death The Kid

“We were born as weapons and we loved the power that came with it. Nothing could scare us. We walked around town like we owned the place, taking whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it. No one ever thought to ask what our lives were really like.” – Elizabeth Thompson

“Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns awaiting us. And that’s enough to fill any soul with terror.” – Asura Kishin

“I bet dead people are easier to get along with.” – Crona

“I can’t lose weight, I don’t know how to deal with being any skinnier than I already am.” – Crona

“I’m scared of everyone. I need to learn to deal with people better.” – Crona

“Do you know where hell is? Inside your head.” – Crona

“Trusting someone not to hurt you… how idiotic is that?” – Crona

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