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20 Inspirational Sword Art Online Quotes

Sword Art Online offers not only extremely entertaining fight scenes but very introspective dialogue. Due to their situation, characters reveal very deep and inspirational thoughts on the meaning of life and friendship. Sword Art Online quotes highlight the most inspirational statements made during season 1!

Yuuki Konno Quotes

“God would never put us through all this suffering if he didn’t think we could bear it.” – Yuuki Konno

“It’s okay to live, even if there’s no greater point to living.” – Yuuki Konno

“Sometimes you have to fight to get your point across.” – Yuuki Konno

“I always say exactly what I’m feeling, and if they don’t like me, that’s fine! It doesn’t change the fact that I was close to their hearts.” – Yuuki Konno

Klein Quotes

“Just consider hardships as another part of training and keep working hard.” – Klein

Kirito Quotes

“Whether here or in the real world, you can cry when it hurts. There’s no rule that you can’t show feelings just because it’s a game.” – Kirito

“Everybody can fight. It’s just a choice of whether you should.” – Kirito

“I don’t even know the real names of the two… no, three that I killed back then. I just close my eyes, put my hands over my ears and tried to forget it all.” – Kirito

“Real pain is the result of losing someone you care about.” – Kirito

“I thought that the closer the real and virtual world got, the better the future would be. But the more the boundary between them blurs, the more it starts to trick people.” – Kirito

Asuna Yuuki Quotes

“Life isn’t just doing things for yourself. It’s possible to live in such a way that other people’s happiness, makes you happy too.” – Asuna Yuuki

“I cried alone every single night. It felt like every day that passed here stole another piece of my real life away. After I cried, I’d go and fight as hard as I could. My only thought was winning, moving forward and getting stronger.” – Asuna Yuuki

“There is one thing I’ve learned here. To keep doing your best, up until the very end.” – Asuna Yuuki

“Sometimes the things that matter the most are right in front of you.” – Yuuki Asuna

Yui Quotes

“Everyone smiles, when they are with you. Please… from now on, go and help people in my place. Share your happiness with them.” – Yui

Akihiko Kayaba Quotes

“In every world, once you die, you’re gone.” – Akihiko Kayaba

“A person is very strong when he seeks to protect something.” – Akihiko Kayaba

Lisbeth (Rika Shinozaki) Quotes

“I too, was looking for something. Something real in this world. For me, it was the warmth of your hand.” – Lisbeth

Sachi Quotes

“Even if I die, you keep living okay? Live to see the end of this world, and to see why it was born. Live to see why a weak girl like me ended up here. And the reason you and I met.” – Sachi

Silica Quotes

“It’s impossible to work hard for something you don’t enjoy.” – Silica

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