100+ Fun Truth or Dare Questions For Kids and Teen

Truth or Dare Questions For Kids are really fun because you can just ask anything about anyone and they have to tell you. This fun goes on top when you have an unusual spin to any person; this is a perfect game for family, couples, friends or even kids. We also have a great collection of Questions to Ask a Guy.

How to Play Truth or Dare Game

Well, it’s a popular game that everyone is aware of; the style remains same in almost every truth and dare game, so have a brief look at the rules over here.

  • You can spin the bottle to decide who will ask truth or dare first, or else you can also allow the little one to lead.
  • If the player chooses Truth, then you can ask them, and the player has to answer it honestly.
  • If the player decides to dare, then you can ask him/her to do something silly or awkward. Remember, the dare tasks for kids have to be comfortable and something that they can do.
  • So what are we waiting for, here is the set of 50 truth and dare question for you and the kids to enjoy:

100+ Truth or Dare Questions For Kids

Truth Questions:

  1. Have you ever lied?
  2. Have you ever peed on the bed?
  3. Have you ever cried in public?
  4. Have you ever hidden your test papers?
  5. Have you ever given the excuse of stomach pain for not attending the school?
  6. Did you ever put your food in the pet’s bowl to escape the meal?
  7. Do you fear ghost?
  8. Can you walk in the dark room alone?
  9. Have you ever kissed someone?
  10. Have you ever copied in the exam?
  11. Can you watch a horror movie alone?
  12. Do you have any secrets?
  13. Do you write a diary?
  14. Whom do you love the most: Mom or Dad?
  15. Who scolds you the most?
  16. Have you ever lied to your best friend?
  17. Have you ever sneaked into the kitchen while everyone is asleep to eat an ice-cream?
  18. Do you bite your nails?
  19. Have you ever farted in public?
  20. Do you still love watching cartoons?
  21. Have you ever broken anything and blamed others?
  22. Do you pick your nose?
  23. Have you ever poured the glass of milk in the plant?
  24. Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
  25. Have you ever stolen money from your Dad’s wallet?
  26. Have you ever tried to pretend to be a superhero?
  27. Have you ever licked your plate after eating food?
  28. Do you have an imaginary friend?
  29. If given a chance to be a Harry Potter character, who would you be?
  30. Who is your favorite teacher?
  31. What is favorite subject?
  32. Which is your favorite food?
  33. What is your favorite song?
  34. What do you hate the most in your friend?
  35. What is that one habit that annoys you?
  36. Which is your favorite movie?
  37. Which place would you like to go on holiday?
  38. Do you love ice-cream or chocolate?
  39. Which is your favorite ice-cream?
  40. Have you ever decorated your room?
  41. When was the last time you cleaned your room?
  42. Which is your favorite fruit?
  43. Which is your favorite animal?
  44. What is your favorite color?
  45. What is the longest hour when you have studied?
  46. Have you ever been scolded in public?
  47. Have you ever cried in public?
  48. Have you ever hugged a stray dog?
  49. Have you ever copied your friend’s homework?
  50. Have you ever forged your parent’s sign?

I Dare You To:

  1. Hold an ice cube on your palm until it melts
  2. Try to touch your nose with the tip of your tongue
  3. Recite a 1-10 in opposite direction
  4. Pretend to be a T-Rex
  5. Act like your favorite superhero
  6. Sing a song
  7. Go to the neighbor’s house and ask for food
  8. Try to stand on your one feet for a minute
  9. Jump on this paper without moving out of it
  10. Drink this glass of water in one go
  11. Eat four florets of uncooked broccoli
  12. Say this tongue twister five time, “She sells sea shells by the seashore.”
  13. Do a crab-walk in the room
  14. Don’t blink your eyes for 30 seconds
  15. Eat a spoon full of mustard seeds
  16. Do the lemon and spoon walk in the room
  17. Try to burst the balloon by banging your head on it
  18. Write your name with your left hand (and in case the person writes from the left hand, ask them to write with their right hand)
  19. Spell your name in reverse
  20. Pretend to be a monkey
  21. Keep your face straight while others make you laugh
  22. Try to fold paper with one hand
  23. Eat the cake slice without using your hands
  24. Walk backward
  25. Sing a song in a funny voice
  26. Act the favorite scene of your favorite film
  27. Act like your class teacher
  28. Act like your mom when you are late for school
  29. Call your friend and say that you have stolen his favorite comics
  30. Go out and hug the tree
  31. Sing a song with a mouthful of ice-cream
  32. Clap your hand backward
  33. Try to act like a bird
  34. Dig a hole in your yard with one hand
  35. Run with both your hands tied up
  36. Walk with both legs tied up
  37. Go outside your house and howl like a wolf
  38. Put an ice cube in your shirt
  39. Enact a story without saying a word
  40. Peel the banana with your mouth (don’t use hands)
  41. Dance on a sheet of A4 paper
  42. Hymn a song without singing
  43. Enact Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  44. Put your leg around your head
  45. Pluck flowers from your neighbor’s place
  46. Go out and ring the bell of your neighbor and run away
  47. Take a bite of lemon
  48. Lick your elbow
  49. Eat food without salt
  50. Eat one tamarind

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