– Create written episode reviews of anime film/series to be designated by the editors for the theawesomeone.com website (work in your free time, no work hours will be given).
– Join weekly/bi-weekly meetings as deemed necessary for huddles and assessment (don’t worry, it’s scheduled weeks prior)
– Just enjoy ❤


– Cash incentives will be given per anime episode review, cash amount will depend on the criterion-based assessment by the editors
– Join Awesome Anime future events as organizers

Who Can Join

Wanna-be-reviewers shall meet ALL of the requirements listed below:
Primary Requirements:
– Must be 16 years old and above of any gender and nationality
– Must be permanently living in the India
– Freelancers, students, anime hobbyists, anime fans, currently-employed workers, anyone is welcome!

Skill Requirements

– Must have a decent to excellent English technical writing skill, the more proficient you are, the more chances we’ll get you in our team. Of course, verbal skill is a plus!
– Must have an overflowing passion for anything anime-related and Japan in particular
– Must NOT have a bias in anime specifically in the genre, art style, studio, voice actors, etc.
– Manga knowledge in-correlation to the anime is a plus.

How To Apply

1. Download the form here and fill in the details (look for the link in the post):

2. On the document downloaded, write three (3) sample episode reviews consisting of the ff:
– 1 anime review of the FIRST EPISODE of any anime listed below
– 1 anime review of ANY EPISODES (between the first and last) of any anime listed below
– 1 anime review of the LAST EPISODE of any anime listed below


Do not attempt to plagiarize somebody else’s work, we will be checking your reviews very carefully.

2. Send us back the file through e-mail with the ff: details:

Anime To Review

Anime to Review: (we will not be providing access here, so please find your own resources)
– Attack on Titan (any season)
– Assassination Classroom (any season)
– Bungou Stray Dogs
– Cardcaptor Sakura (any season)
– Cells at Work!
– Code Geass (any season)
– Danganronpa (any season)
– Food Wars! (any season)
– Fire Force (any season)
– Given (any season)
– Magatsu Wahrheit
– Naruto Shippuuden (any season)
– Oregairu: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (any season)
– Pokemon (from 2018 or later)
– Plunderer
– Re: Zero (any season)
– Violet Evergarden (film or series)
– Zoids (any season)
– any single-run series premiered last Spring and Summer 2020

SUBJECT: Awesomeani.me Anime Episode Reviewers Application
TO: [email protected]
BODY: Full Name and Contact Number
3. Wait for our receipt confirmation. Answer extra questions regarding interview schedule availability.
4. Get ready for a one-time online talk with the Awesome1 team through Facebook, Google Meet, or through the phone.
5. Final reviewers will be announced anytime around December 2020.