Nisekoi: false love is one of the most loved Japanese anime series around the globe. It’s a mixture of romance and comedy. The heart-touching and painful understanding of love is a part of this beautiful story. Nisekoi Manga was first published in 2011 November. After 26th November 2012, this anime series is being published in Viz Media (a digital magazine) in the English language. Now fans are waiting for Nisekoi Season 3 since anime doesn’t show the end of the manga in anime.

It was approved as an anime in May 2013. The series has been built up in 25 volumes in Japan as of 2016 (October ). Viz Media released it in English.

It is worth watching and is an entertaining anime series. The root of this anime is Naoshi Komi, who illustrated Nisekoi. It concluded two seasons so far. You can watch them on Netflix, Hulu, etc. likes are given below. Both the seasons were absolutely fantastic. The final episode of season 2 was aired on 26 June 2015. Since then, fans are waiting for the third season.

Will there be a Nisekoi Season 3?

Nisekoi: False Love

Nisekoi released in English as Nisekoi: False Love, is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi. In May 2013, it was announced that an anime adaptation of Nisekoi had been greenlit. The anime is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo at Shaft and aired from January 11 to May 24, 2014. Aniplex of America has licensed the series for streaming and home video distribution in North America.

Other popular works by studio Shaft, Pretty Boy Detective Club, Monogatari Series, March Comes in Like a Lion.

After the release of the movie Nisekoi: False Love, the fans are pretty sure that the third season would be announced soon. Nisekoi has 25 volumes which include 299 chapters. After witnessing its dormant success, Aniplex of America licensed the series to be circulated on Hulu, including English subtitles.

Rumour has it that Nisekoi season 3 is under production. Also, there were many suppositions regarding the release date of Nisekoi season 3, but eventually, all of it finally arrived false. It is also expected that Nisekoi season 3 will come up with a story that is class apart which will ultimately support the further story.

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date

Also, there were countless details that were not disclosed in the earlier seasons, so the audience is waiting for a satisfactory end to this series. Since there is no official announcement yet, few fans believe that it won’t be a Nisekoi season 3 as they waited for so long. Furthermore, there is no trailer released yet. But if everything works fine, we can expect its next season by the end of 2024, hopefully.

Where To Watch Nisekoi

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Nisekoi Novel Series

Novel series of three-volume entitled Nisekoi: Urbana was circulated by Shueisha. The first volume has stories about the main characters Kosaki and Marika. It was released on June 4, 2013. The second volume included stories with regard to the play and side stories such as gang been employed at a maid cafe. It was published on December 28, 2013. The third volume was published on April 3, 2015.

Nisekoi Action

The subject of this anime series revolves around Chitogi and Raku. We have seen a complex love story between them in the earlier season. They made it down to the wire by including many ups and downs in their love story. I am 100% certain that this will create excitement amongst the audience to know what will happen next in the story. 

The plot begins with Raku, a genuine, simple, and humble man. He suffers from the trouble of stammering. He was a first-year student at Bonyari High School. He is trying to live a normal life even though he faces constant pressure from his family of criminal background. But He wishes to become a public servant.

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date

Chitogi, daughter of Beehive, is a graceful young girl. Her father is the administrator of the revival organization, which is opposite to Sheui-Gumi. Chitogi and Raku became friends in school. Later, Raku realized that they both are entities of two opposite gangs of the city. They both act as if they are madly in love with each other to sustain peace between the two families. They keep maintaining a fake relationship for several months. However, Raku promised Chitogi that he would marry her. At the time of drifting apart, he purchased a locket with a pair of key lock and gave one of it to her. 

Nisekoi Characters

Raku Ichijou: Teenager, and son of a mobster. He promises to marry a girl in the future. He is a man of words.

Chitoge Kirisaki: She’s the daughter of Beehive and a graceful young girl who is fierce at the same time.

Kosaki Onodera: she is a dear friend of Raku and has deep feelings for him. 

Nisekoi Manga Ending Spoilers!

Within Nisekoi’s final volume of the manga, Chitogi and Raku’s marriage was performed and gave birth to Haku. Onodera expressed her love for Raku but got rejected. 

Ultimately Chitogi and Raku began to generate romantic feelings for one another and finally ended up getting married. There might be a chance of Yui-nee’s comeback. 

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