Sailor Moon: Top 20 Favorite Characters

In keeping with the upcoming launch of the new two-part film series “Sailor Moon Eternal”, the Japanese broadcaster NHK wanted to know from the fans of the franchise which characters are their favorites. Now the result has been published.

More Than 80,000 Fans Attended

A total of 82,706 fans took part in the vote, with 89% saying they were female. 46% of participants also said they were between 30 and 39 years old.

However, it is not clear from the evaluation how many votes each character received. Thus, it is unclear how large the distance between the placements is.

What do you say about the opinion of the Japanese fans? Who is your favorite from “Sailor Moon”? Write it to us in the comments!

Top 20 Favorite Characters

20. Sailor Jupiter

19. Black Lady

18. Luna

17. Hotaru Tomoe

16. Sailor Mars

15. Usagi Tsukino

14. Sailor Neptune

13. Princess Serenity

12. Sailor Venus

11. Fish eye

10. Sailor Mercury

9. Ami Mizuno

8. Makoto Cinema

7. Sailor Saturn

6. Michiru Kaiou

5. Seiya Kou

4. Minako Aino

3. Haruka Tenou

2. Sailor Moon

1. Sailor Uranus

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