“Gintama: The Final” is expected to be the last film for the anime series “Gintama” at the beginning of next year. In line with this, a new promo video has now been released, in which the song “D’raku Shinj” by DOES is presented. The video can be found below.

New Film to be Launched in January 2021

“Gintama: The Final” opens in Japanese cinemas on January 8, 2021. The theme song “Wadachi” is contributed by the band SPYAIR. A few days later, on January 15 and 20, 2021, there will be two new special episodes to be used as an introduction to the film.

The anime adaptation of “Gintama” is based on the manga series of the same name by Hideaki Sorachi and comprises a total of 367 episodes in several seasons, two films and six OVAs.




“Gintama” tells the story of the day laborer Gintoki, a samurai with no respect for the rules of the alien invaders. To survive and pay his next rent, Gintoki is ready to take any job.

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