Thermae Romae Bathhouse Comedy Manga Receives Netflix Anime

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that in 2021 a new adaptation of the bathhouse comedy “Thermae Romae” with the title “Thermae Romae Novae” will be started, which will re-implement Mari Yamazaki’s comedy manga about a Roman stranded in Japan. In addition to well-known manga material, the adaptation should also contain new stories from the original author. The whole thing will be created at NAZ (Id: Invaded, Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion).

Lucius worked as a bathroom designer in the Roman Empire . Due to an accident he travels to modern Japan and learns a lot about the bathing culture there.

The original “Thermae Romae” manga ran from January 2008 to March 2013 in Comic-Beam magazine and in 2012 inspired a three-episode anime and two live-action films. In this country, neither the manga nor the earlier moving images are available.

Thermae Romae Bathhouse Comedy


source: anime planet

In ancient Rome, renowned architect Lucius is down on his luck. He has been fired because his style of buildings is unfashionable, and all the bathhouses in the city are noisy, boisterous places that no longer prioritize relaxation. To get some peace and quiet, he sinks below the surface of the water, the only place where his fellow bathers’ chatter can’t reach him, but a powerful drain pulls him into the depths! Upon emerging, he finds himself in a vastly different bathhouse, and though the architect believes it’s just the slaves’ quarter, he’s actually been pulled through time to modern-day Japan! Now, armed with knowledge of these strange new baths, Lucius is determined to restore his reputation and revolutionize the Roman bathing culture!

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