Syfy has canceled the Happy! TV show so there won’t be a Happy! Season 3, at least on this cable channel. but hope remains thanks to an online petition. Happy is a series that takes its audience on the rollercoaster ride of emotions with lots of thrills, action, fantasy, and comedy altogether. A very popular American series that is inspired by a comic with the same name. It’s an adult animated series with Nick Sax as the protagonist of the story with Happy, a little small blue unicorn friend of his, which is surprisingly only visible to him. 

Happy is in the news, not like other obvious web series for the release date but to the matter of fact, that is Happy Season 3 even coming or not with some news over that Syfy had already said No to take up the series. This had disheartened the lovers of Happy, but this animated series has much to it, and you all know it.

Happy! Season 3 Cancelled or Renewed?

Happy! Season 3

Happy is possibly the weirdest and strange series ever, and when I say this, the fans of the series already know why. As a matter of fact, that’s absolutely true that Happy season 3 has been canceled by Syfy, and this is to know one’s surprise as such rumors were already on air and now is the official announcement.

The rating was 0.09, which was not at all satisfactory for the platform to afford its next season. Also, the reasons for this are certainly the less viewership and no much appreciation as expected for the season: 2 when compared to season:1. There might be many other reasons for the show’s cancellation, which are not known or revealed, and pandemic also might be one of them.

Is Happy on Netflix?

Definitely, it’s a disappointment for Happy fans, of course, but a very quick good news to them is that certainly Netflix has plans to take up Happy as Universal Content Productions is already planning to shop the series out to the other networks if interested. 

There are more chances of this happening because the series is doing quite well on the Netflix platform top of that, there are petitions from viewers and fans to take up Happy, and Netflix would never afford to disappoint its viewers at any cost. So you can expect Happy soon on Netflix.

Expected Cast of Happy! Season 3?

The series is directed by many directors, which includes Brain Taylor, Wayne Yip, Marianna Palka, David Petrarca, Joseph Kahn, and Christopher Meloni. These Bunch of directors just made the series a must-watch—the Hilarious journey to go with this one. Christopher Meloni will be playing the protagonist as usual. Sax Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen as she was loved as such in previous seasons.

Patton Oswalt will voice to our very favorite happy. The role of Louis Sheinberg and Hailey Louise Hansen will be played by Christopher Fitzgerald and Bryce Lorenzo, respectively. Also, the characters of Mr. Blue and Merry can be played by RitchieCoster and Lili Mirojnick. Patrick Fischler is known to play Smoothie as per sources. The producers of the series are Russ Hammonds and Ashley Micheal Hoban.

What is Happy! Season 3 all about?

The crazy fans know already that what the story is all about. The finding of the missing girl, which is expected to be kidnapped by Santa, and the tireless efforts of the former cop with the company of a small blue unicorn is all about tragedies and surprises. Their way to the missing takes you to your way to uncontrolled laughter. Season: 3 continues the same plot.

Happy! Season 3 Release Date?

Happy! Season 3

There was a large time interval between season 1 and season 2 which made it obvious that season 3 will also be following the same. Above which, the pandemic has turned everything upside down and has delayed almost all the shows and web series as things were just not in favor, and there were a lot of things to be done.

Also, Happy’s release date is much dependent on the fact that when the show is taken by some OTT platform, most probably our favorite Netflix; also there are no announcements regarding the show taken up, so the release date is something which is just out of reach for this moment. 

Whereas when we see the scenario, then the show will be soon taken up by Netflix due to the high demand of the audience and after which we can expect Netflix to release the show very soon. Maybe 2022 or 2024 will probably be the time when Happy Season 3 would be on our screens to entertain us once again.

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