The series “charlotte” is a comedy-drama which follows with supernatural power. This is a Japanese series most commonly watched by anime lovers. This series is written by Jun Maeda and directed by Yoshiyuki Asai. He also composed some of the soundtracks. The screenplay was designed by Clannad and Angel Beats.

Actual Story of Charlotte

This series doesn’t have a backup that follows with an original story. The story starts with a meteor named Charlotte, which passes from the earth in space once in 75 years. When this meteor passes over the earth, it splashes dust on the earth, when this splash of dust is dropped on the earth; as a result, it gives birth to pre-adolescents with the power to develop some supernatural powers at their puberty level. The main story concentrates on the people who are acclaimed with supernatural powers. 

Charlotte Season 2 Release Date

Charlotte’s season 1 premiered in July 2015; it includes 13 episodes. This series had ended up with a finale episode which conveys that this may be the first and last season of this series, but as per the reviews and demands of the anime series fans, they are expecting even more seasons from this series. The production house has not yet confirmed the script and release date of season 2. As we can expect that this season 2 official update may happen in the mid of 2022. Season 1 is wrapped up with no significant loose ends. This is a huge rarity in the anime industry, some things that rarely publish in the industries.

Charlotte Main Plot

The main lead in this season is Yuu otosaka; he recognizes that he has supernatural powers and starts thinking to complete his schooling by his supernatural power. 

By exposing the invisible power of nao tomori mistakenly, later, he comes to know that many students are acclaimed by supernatural powers like him. Yuu otosaka is forced to join Hoshinoumi Academy with other students like him, and later, he becomes a member of the student council. These supernatural people are transferred to this academy because to protect them from their powers and to prevent them from misusing their powers. After joining the academy, he acknowledges that he can possess others and steal their powers within 5 seconds. Yusa Nishimori leads the student number council, and she has the power of communicating with spirits. And here comes a loving moment between Yuu Otosaka and Nao Tomori, who is smart and intelligent. 

Yuu otosaka travels worldwide and steals all the supernatural powers. His elder brother Shunsuke has the power of time travelling to past as well as future; by using his ability of powers, he started Hoshinoumi academy to discover the vaccine to stop the development of supernatural powers for small children, because he travelled into the future and predicted that there are many complications with these supernatural powers. Later yuu possesses his brother and steals his power. Yuu steals his brother’s power to save his little sister from the destruction made by herself, which is caused by her supernatural power.

Most children of teenagers can’t handle themselves from the attraction of particular things whereas; mainly they can’t handle supernatural powers which may be used for good and bad.

Yuu Loses memory power because of stealing everyone’s supernatural powers. After losing all his memories, his friends and family members try to recollect his memories.

Yuu is regaining his memory, and his brother is regaining his sanity, which concludes a complete series. Season 2 is coming with refreshing story content.


“Plunderer” is a supernatural power who can possess another body and grab their powers within 5 seconds, “Time leap” is a power helps to time travel that may be past or future, “Pyrokinesis” has an ability to create fire from hands, “Collapse” is the risky element among all the powers which helps to destroy anything through eye power, “Explosion” power acts to generate high-level of heat to exploit something, “Telekinesis” has an ability to manipulate the things on his/her willing, “Thoughtography”, “fast movement”, “spiritism” one can communicate with spirits, and “Invisibility” this power helps a person to get invisible themselves.  

Charlotte Primary Characters

  • Yuu Otosaka
  • Nao Tomori
  • Jojiro Takajo

Charlotte Secondary Characters

  • Ayumi otosaka
  • Misa kurobane
  • Shunsuke otosaka
  • Takehito kumagami
  • Medoki
  • Shichino
  • maedomari

New characters may be added to season 2 with new possibilities and a new story.

Charlotte Expectations

Charlotte lovers waiting for another Season’s arrival and raising themselves questions waiting to know about what happened to Nao Tomori and Yuu after the end and what happened to all the teenagers who are free from powers? The five years of the late commemoration may give the opportunity in making season 2.In season 1, a meteor passes by earth by producing some supernatural powers once in 75 years, but when this season is ended up. The season 2 script may go deep into the future with some exciting content that occurs again after 75 years. 

Rebooting of Yuu’s memory may be considered in season 2. In the process of recollecting his memories, a new beginning may start from season 2, which can’t be a sequel of season 1.

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