The series “Akame ga kill” is a dark fantasy anime and animated series written by Takahiro and directed by Tomoki Kobayashi. 

Actual Story Of Akame Ga Kill

This series follows a story of a group of nightriders who are already into a revolutionary army, stopping injustice from happening over their entire nation. A young man lives in a village named Tatsumi; he is a traveller for his capital in raising his money to create strong corruption in his area. The army of nightriders comes to know about Tatsumi and invites him to join their group to fight against the corrupt kingdom.

These night rider’s community showcases their talent in protecting their nation; on the other side, they are in a battle protecting the innocent people from prime minister’s actions that these people even don’t have an idea about corruption. Nightriders educated them by conveying what is meant by corruption and about political leaders who are doing all the injustice stuff towards them. Nightriders are on duty for a good cause to their people against political rulers.

Akame Ga Kill Trailer

Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Expected Release Date

This series “Akame ga kill” season 1 was released in late 2015, and the season 2 release date was not yet confirmed as the gap between season 1 and 2 is almost up to 5 years. So, this season 2 is coming up with a variant story that takes some time to get premiered. Season 1 includes 24 long episodes, whereas; in season 2, there are going to be only 12 episodes with a decent end. One of the reasons, the delay in the season 2 premiere is due to the COVID-19 pandemic attack.

This is the type of series that anime lovers are waiting for the good news that season 2 is going to be released officially. This anime series lovers are expecting a lot from season 2, with more night raid actions included with great graphical content.

Main Plot Of The Akame Ga Kill Season 2

Season 2 is going to come up with a completely new story differing from season 1. In this season, the Akame, leone, and mine, who are the main part of the night riders’ group, are going to fight against the corrupted prime minister who has a wolfish kind of character, who only thinks about himself but not about his people. On note of this reason, the whole nation was drowned in famine and facing many difficulties. Because of his corrupted nature, people are struggling with their income and the revenue generated for the whole country was corrupted by the chief minister. These consequences uttered the night riders very badly as they are witless; they never harm the innocent people. When Tatsumi joins their group, they together will fight against the corrupt leader, which ends up with a conclusion.

This series is also available in the English language with subtitles provided. Commonly assassins are determined as killers and bad people, but they work for a good deed and work on a purpose in this series.

The source material for this series had an efficient number of copies that can be scripted very easily.

Characters Included In Season 2

The characters in season 1 are continued in season 2; the main characters for this season are given below;

Akame, Leone, Mine- These three characters occupy the main characterization in this whole series; they play an important role in fighting against the corrupted leader.

Tatsumi is a villager who is against corruption. He joins the night rider’s community to help them.

Akame is the main member of his group; at the beginning of the season, Akame is portrayed as a blood-killer character. Later the audience gets clarity about her nature that she is a kind-hearted woman. Akame went through many insults in trying to prove her as a good-hearted human.

Leone is an elder and experienced man in the night riders’ group. He is very patient at his work with a mature mind and punctual to his words.

Mine is a joyful person and the youngest among her group. When the main discussion comes over her group, because of her age, she was not assigned any kind of work. But she is a good-hearted person who sacrifices her life for her friends. This series has a great expectation which explains and conveys a message for us to be educated on what is justice and what is injustice and helps us to be like a savior for the people.  

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