The Japanese VoD provider dTV today released a new teaser for the upcoming anime special “Gintama: The Semi-Final”, which you can watch later in the article.

Gintama: The Semi-Final Release Date

The two-part special is the introduction to the anime film “Gintama: The Final”, which opens in Japanese cinemas on 8 January 2021. The first episode will be released on dTV on January 15, 2021, followed by the second episode on January 20, 2021.

The film “Gintama: The Final” is directed by Chizuru Miyawaki (director of various “Gintama” seasons) in the studio Bandai Namco Pictures. The title song is contributed to SPYAIR.

The anime adaptation of “Gintama”, based on the manga series of the same name by Hideaki Sorachi, comprises a total of 367 episodes. Crunchyroll offers anime on demand.

Gintama: The Semi-Final Teaser

Gintama: The Semi-Final Plot

The extraterrestrial race of Amanto conquered the earth at the end of the Edo period in the 19th century and the samurai of feudal Japan are disarmed as a peacekeeping measure. From now on, they will be punished with contempt and will have to earn a living in other ways. So did the thousand-sassa Gintoki Sakata, who quickly founded the “Everything Agency” and accepts almost all orders for money.

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