The industry magazine Deadline reported today that the Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku will get her own series. However, not from their country of origin Japan, but from India.

Mix of Live Action and Animation

The series, which is designed to appeal to longtime and new Miku fans with an original story and a new look, is described as a mixture of animation, live action and music. Crypton Future Media, the company that Hatsune Miku created in 2007 together with Mangaka Kei Garou, is collaborating with Graphic India and Carlin West Agency for the production.

Sharad Devarajan and Carlin West, who have brought some “appreciated authors and artists” on board, will take over as executive producers, along with Hiroyuki Itoh, CEO of Crypton Future Media.

Co-founder and CEO of Graphic India, Sharad Devarajan, said: “Hatsune Miku is one of the most defining and pioneering character entertainment phenomena of the last decade. Just as it has revolutionized the music industry, we are honored to work with Hiroyuki Itoh and his great team at Crypton Future Media for the animated series.”

Guillaume Devigne, responsible for international licenses at Crypton Future Media, added: “We believe that we have found a unique way to create an original series that remains true to the essence of Miku, which is a perfect vessel for fan creativity and unlimited possibilities of artistic expression.”

An expected start date and further details are still pending at this time. In addition to the animated series, webtoons and comics for Hatsune Miku are also planned.

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