The protagonist is a powerful person of demonic origin, dressed in red, who is nearly invincible, has superhuman abilities, and two big handguns of different colors. Hellsing combines a fun story, memorable characters, quirky humor, stylish art, and unrelenting gore and brutality all into one little paperback graphic novel. Here I have collected religion, death, evil, hatred, and life exploring Hellsing Ultimate Quotes.

Hellsing Quotes

1. Giving up is what kills people. – Alucard

2. His Name is Alucard. – Integra Hellsing

3. Lady! Are you a Virgin? – Alucard

4. I am at your service and await your command. – Alcuard

5. Next time, You’ll all DIE. – Alexander Anderson

6. I will not beg for mercy no matter what. – Alcuard

7. The bird of Hermes is my name, earing my wings to make me tame. – Alcuard

8. They have dared to enter this house, build on blood and honour. I will see them roasted in the deepest pits of Hell! – Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

9. We ruin the countries we govern and the people in our care. We slaughter our enemies and sacrifice all our allies. We’ll keep killing till there’s noting left but to destroy ourselves. It will never be enough. – Alucard

10. The world would be so boring without idiots like you to amuse me. – Alucard

11. As a vampire you were just a pathetic piece of shit. Now you’re nothing but dog shit. – Alucard

12. How beautiful. Nights like this make me want a bite to drink. Yes… I couldn’t imagine a more perfect evening. – Alucard

13. I really don’t care who you are, just tell me what you want. – Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

14. Until the weight of my past is shattered by my oncoming future. It shouldn’t be too long, my nemesis. I’ll see you in hell… – Alucard

15. Blood is the currency of the soul, the vehicle of life. Having blood offered is a very different experience than taking it. – Schrodinger

16. That dog is neither man nor monster. Only a man can truly hope to kill a monster. – Alucard

17. How does it feel having someone fuck with your head!? How does it feel, You Bitch!? – Seras Victoria

18. I can offer you my pity, but my forgiveness? NEVER! – Enrico Maxwell

19. Our purpose, is the total absence of purpose. – Montana Max

20. I highly recommend pissing yourself followed by a course of praying to your impotent god. – Walter C. Dornez

21. I did what you told me… and in return, you’re going to help me… SEND THESE NAZIS TO HELL!! -Seras Victoria

22. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. – Seras Victoria

23. We are the evening’s entertainment. And I… just wanted to do something with my time on the stage worthy of applause… – Walter C. Dornez

24. To reign over the kingdom of the world, to make its peace and write its laws, to be generous to the obedient and merciless to all who would stand against you. Nothing ever changes, two thousand years and you still act like the world is yours. – Alucard

25. Don’t underestimate humanity, you freaks! Come on! Let’s have it! – Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

26. Major, you’re such a meanie. You bring a whole army with you, but really they’re nothing but kindling for your personal bonfire. – Schrodinger

27. It felt like if I drank the blood, it would mean the end of something important inside of me. – Seras Victoria

28. Does having an audience of your sins make you feel like you’re special? Does it make you proud? – Alucard

29. Every time I die, this is the vision that greets my eyes. And every time I think, ‘How lovely, that sunlight, which I forsook so many centuries ago…’ – Alucard

30. He looked like a child. Who just woken up from a pleasant dream. These men… they’ve been trapped in the same dream since World War II. But tonight, Mr.Brtnadotte, I’ll wake them up. All of them. – Seras Victoria

31 It’s the nature of the battle. Until you defeat what cowers you, you cannot truly become yourself. But, to do that, you must break the shackles that hold you down. Just as I did. Just as Anderson and even the Major did! We have all gone through the metamorphosis you’re experiencing! – Alucard

32. Just breaks your heart, doesn’t it? He was a bug, buzzing around my face; that’s why I had to swat him down. Like a gnat! – Zorin Blitz

33. ‘My enemy is not human. My enemy is less than a human.’ Since the earliest dawning of mankind, this is the battlecry… It just happened to be more literal in my case. That battlecry… those thoughts are running through your thoughts right now, aren’t they? I planted the seeds of this war half a century ago… Now, show me what has blossomed. – Montana Max

34. The vampires that you were so happy to keep in your employ… without the lifeblood of others to keep them going, they would shamble to a halt. If it’s a monster you want, look no further than Alucard, and this little one, playing at immortality. Don’t mention me in the same breath as that fraud. The moment I am propelled by my own unadulterated will, I become heir to something Alucard can only steal. – Montana Max

35. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, my bullet punishes all without distinction. – Rip Van Winkle

36. Does having an audience for your sins make you feel like your special? Does it make you proud? I can only pity such a vampire; a titan reduced to a puppet just to give humans a good show. – Alucard

37. You, me, all defective things die. – Walter C. Dornez

38. You’re quite the washout yourself, doctor. All your toys have fallen short, myself included. How could we not? Like the doctor in spite of himself, your science wasn’t good enough. Don’t you understand? Your life’s a farce. – Walter C. Dornez

39. For all your talk of a thousand-year Reich, we bolloxed this up pretty good, didn’t we? – Walter C. Dornez

40. The show is over, Mina. The curtain’s fallen. We’ve taken our bows. It’s time we made our exit. – Walter C. Dornez

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