As part of this year’s Anime Awards, VoD provider Crunchyroll announced five simulcasts, including the Isekai series “I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level”.

Anime Launches in April 2021

The reVOROOT studio is responsible for the production of the anime, which will be shown in simulcast from 10 April 2021. Nobukage Kimura (Assistant Director at “Tsuritama”) directs, while Tatsuya Takahashi (“Eromanga Sensei”) is responsible for the series composition and Keisuke Goto (“Fate/Grand Order: First Order”) contributes the character design.

Keiji Inai (“DanMachi”) takes care of the musical accompaniment. The opening song is titled “Gudafuwa Everyday” and is sung by Aoi Yuki (Komachi Hikigaya in “OreGairu”), who also speaks the main character Azusa.

The original Light Novel was written by Kisetsu Morita and has been published since January 2017 with illustrations by Benio. A manga translation by Yuusuke Shiba has been released in Japan since June 2017.


After a short life as an office worker, Azusa died of revision. When she is then reborn as an immortal, non-aging witch in a new world, she swears to spend her days stress-free and as pleasant as possible. She earns her living by chasing the simplest monsters – the slime! But after centuries of doing this simple job, she has insane powers.

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