After Mangaka Yusuke Murata (“One Punch Man”) published a new drawing of his daughter last month, he devoted himself this time to a topical topic. He shared a drawing on his Twitter account for wearing an everyday mask.

Guide to Help Eyewear Wearers

Murata’s most recent work is, in a way, a guide in the form of a mini-comic. A man can be seen having problems with his mouth-nose protection as his glasses are slammed. This is a circumstance that many people in the current situation can probably feel.

The manga artist’s tip: Pull the mask just below the eyes. If you then put your glasses back on, the mouth-nose protection should remain where it belongs on its own. Also the glasses should no longer be fogged.

By the way, Murata couldn’t resist a small reference to “One Punch Man”, because in the last panel the superhero Mumen Rider can be seen on his bike in the background. He would like to encourage readers to recommend the guide.

Everyday Mask Guide for Eyewear Wearers:

Source: Twitter

Post Image: ONE-PUNCH MAN © 2012 by ONE, Yusuke

Murata / SHUEISHA Inc. Comic: © Yusuke Murata

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