It’s been almost a year since the supernatural thriller was out, and fans are clamoring for information on Black Spot Season 3. This genre’s shows have often managed to leave an indelible impression on their audience. And this show was in a class by itself among dramas of this kind.  Zone Blanche, also known as Black Spot, is a supernatural suspense series created by a French-Belgian team.

The first season debuted in France in February 2017, and Amazon Prime acquired the right to watch it internationally. The show was renewed for a second season, which premiered on Netflix on June 14, 2019. Both seasons were well-received by viewers and reviewers alike. Since the completion of the second season, viewers have been enthusiastically anticipating the unveiling of the next episode.

Black Spot Storyline

Black Spot

The tale of ‘Black Spot’ is set in Villefranche, a small (fictional) town in France. It is situated amid a dense forest in the mountains. This place’s weather is chronically rainy, and even the sun can’t make it happy. This behavior is amplified even more among the town’s inhabitants. There are very few people who live here, and the population continues to decrease with each passing day.

There are two explanations for this: first, anyone who has spent some time in Villefranche knows how difficult and dangerous it is to live here. It’s better if you leave while you still have the chance. If not, the second explanation, a high mortality rate, could send you away. To be precise, the murder rate.

The killing rate of Major Laurel Weiss is six times the national average, making him one of the most dangerous villages in the world. She has lived here her whole life, and many times she has seen death. The city’s situation worsens as it is swept up in its search for answers to certain mysteries in its history. It starts with a dead body finding. A woman is stabbed to death and hanged on a tree that is related to an earlier incident.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the mayor of the city is gone, and many residents in the city are locked out of the nearby sawmill. Prosecutor Franck Sirani is sent to Villefranche to aid the investigation and learn more about what is going on in the area. He has no idea what he is getting himself into as an outsider, but the town quickly tells him everything he needs to know.

Will there be Black Spot Season 3?

Netflix normally takes a month or two to evaluate the show’s success before renewing it. In the case of Zone Blanche (Black Spot), though, neither the showrunners nor Netflix has made any announcements. They are keeping a close lid on all details about the series’ future. Since Netflix seldom puts a show on hold for this long, it’s fair to say that the second episode was the thriller’s final chapter.

The explanation for the show’s cancellation is currently unclear. It’s thought that the streaming giant didn’t make as much money as predicted from the second season. As a result, they agreed to cancel the broadcast.

Black Spot Season 3 Release Date

Black Spot Season 3 Release Date

On April 10, 2017, the French-Belgian horror television series debuted for the first time. In June of last year, Netflix (“Castlevania Season 4, This Is Us Season 6, Better Call Saul Season 6“) announced Season 2 of the show. The series’ viewers couldn’t get enough of it. Rumors about the expected arrival of season 3 have been circulating in the industry for some time. There had been no official announcement of the publication, however. According to rumors, if the show is revived, it will premiere in 2022.

Black Spot Season 3 Characters & Cast

All of the former characters will return in the series if the writers respect all of the fans and satisfy their wishes. Here is a list of characters:

  • Laurene Weis is played by Suliane Brahim. She is the show’s central character.
  • Bertrand Steiner is played by Samuel Jouy.
  • In the role of Louis Hermann, Renaud Rutten appears.
  • Nounours is played by Hubert Delattre.
  • Franck Siriani is played by Laurent Capelluto.
  • Bertrand Steiner is played by Samuel Jouy.
  • Cora Weiss is played by Camille Aguilar.
  • Louis Hermann is played by Renaud Rutten.
  • Sabine Hennequin is played by Brigitte Sy.
  • Lela Barami is played by Naidra Ayadi.

If the season is renewed, several new faces are likely to appear on the show.

Black Spot Season 3 Expected Plot

Zone Blanche

If the network agrees to renew the show for its third season, it is always a pleasure for viewers to visit this killing town again. It all started in the town of Villefranche, in the heart of dense forests. The mortality rate here is very high, or more specifically, the assassination rate. Therefore, it’s regarded as the country’s most dangerous area. Major Laurène Weiss, the chief of the police is following.

The news follows. She’s all her growth here and she’s seen death a couple of times. The town’s situation deteriorated as she was engrossed in the quest for answers to certain mysteries from her history. The mysteries of living in Villefranche and Laurene will follow Black Spot Season 3. If the third season is coming, viewers should hope to see more of the characters’ history and what makes people so aggressive in this place.

Black Spot Season 3 Teaser?

The first look at the series has yet to be shown. You can just take a quick look at it if and when the season is re-started. You can only restream previous episodes if you don’t have a subscription. There is also a slew of videos about Black Spot Season 3 floating around the internet, but they’re all clickbait. However, right now is the perfect time to watch all of the previously released episodes online. So, pick a chapter that you haven’t yet binge-watched.

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