On Wednesday, the new anime series “Redo of Healer” (Japanese: “Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi”) was launched on Japanese television. However, since it is not quite as harmless as other representatives of the fantasy genre, the creators posted a content warning on Twitter.

Makers warn viewers on Twitter

The tweet reads: “This program is fiction and has no connection to existing individuals, places or organizations. In addition, the content is not made to advocate a particular way of thinking or faith. This work contains extreme violence. Children and adolescents are discouraged from looking at it.”

Anyone who has already studied the title in more detail may be able to imagine what this warning specifically refers to. Even before the broadcast, “Redo of Healer” was controversially discussed in history due to the issue of revenge.

In this country, AniMoon Publishing has secured the license to the series and plans to show it in the simulcast. Although the broadcast has already begun in Japan, the first episode is not yet available with English subtitles. However, the publisher assured in a short statement that it is working hard to be able to offer the anime in the simulcast.

Director Takuya Asaoka (episode director at “Senran Kagura Shinovi Master”) is responsible for the production of the twelve-part anime adaptation at Studio TNK. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (“TenSura”) writes the screenplay.

Redo Of Healer Visual

Redo Of Healer Plot

“Healing magicians cannot fight alone,” is well known. Keare, also a healing magician, was therefore repeatedly exploited by others and pushed around.

One day, however, he realized what he could do with his magic and was convinced from then on that a healing magician was the strongest class. But when he realized this, everything was taken away from him. So he applied the healing magic to the world itself to return four years to the past and make a reboot.

This is a heroic story about a healing magician who became the strongest through knowledge of his previous life and healing magic.

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