Seirei Gensouki Receives An Anime Adaptation

The Japanese company Hobby Japan today announced that Yuri Kitayamas and Rivs Fantasy Light Novel “Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles,” an anime adaptation is obtained. A first promo video, a visual and some character designs including speakers can be found below.

Series is Created by TMS Entertainment and Wao World

The series is being produced under the direction of Osamu Yamasaki (“ItaKiss”) in the studios TMS Entertainment and Wao World. Yamasaki is also writing the script with Mitsutaka Hirota, Megumu Sasano and Yoshiko Nakamura. Kyoko Yufu is the character designer, while Yasuyuki Yamazaki is responsible for the music at Nippon Columbia and TMS Music.

Yuri Kitayama started the light novel in February 2014 on the “Let’s Become Novelists” website. Hobby Japan has been publishing the fantasy romance with illustrations by Riv since October 2015 and has since brought 17 volumes to the Japanese market. A manga adaptation by Futago Minaduki has been published in “Comic Fire” magazine since July 2018.



Character Designs and Cast


Haruto had only one goal in mind throughout his life: to win back his childhood love! However, this suddenly disappears in high school and Haruto dies in a bus accident at the age of 20. After that, he only remembers waking up in an ice-cold room in the slums of another world.

He was reborn as Rio after his death. Now he is a seven year old refugee child who lives in a fantasy kingdom. With the knowledge from his previous life, Rio is now beginning a new phase in his life.

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