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Vlad Love New Trailer For The Original Anime

Vlad Love New Trailer For The Original Anime

A new promo video and another visual were released today on the website of the original anime “Vlad Love”. At the same time it was announced that a “special version” of the first episode will premiere on December 18, 2020 on the series’ YouTube channel.

New Anime from the “Ghost in the Shell” Director

Studio Drive and Production IG are responsible for the production of “Vlad Love”. Mamoru Oshii (“Ghost in the Shell”) writes the story and also acts as chief director, while Junji Nishimura (“Ranma ½”) takes over the direction. Kei Yamamura is writing the script and Kazunari Niigaki is responsible for character design.

Daisuke Miyachi (“Popin Q”) is involved in the project as a music producer, while Kanako Takatsuki (Hanamaru Kunikida from “Love Live! Sunshine !!”) contributes the theme song together with the group BlooDye.

The comedy anime, which revolves around a vampire girl named Mai and a high school girl, was originally scheduled to start in October 2020, but has been postponed indefinitely . A new date is still pending. A total of 12 episodes are planned.




CharacterVoice Actor
Mitsugu BanbaAyane Sakura
Mai Vlad TransylvaniaRina Hidaka
Maki WatabeSaori Hayami
Nami UntenYuu Kobayashi

Production Team

DirectorNishimura (“Ranma ½”)
ProducerStudio Drive / Production IG
Character DesignKazunari Niigaki
ScriptKei Yamamura
StoryMamoru Oshii (“Ghost in the Shell”)


Mitsugu Bamba is a high school girl who goes crazy about donating her blood despite an unfriendly nurse at the local blood bank. One day Mitsugu met a beautiful girl there who looked like she came from abroad. The girl is so pale it looks like she may faint any minute. Instead, however, it suddenly begins to devastate the blood bank. The girl then loses consciousness, whereupon Mitsugu takes her home…


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