Kemono Jihen Season 2 anime TV series will continue the story of Kabane Kusaka and his fellow Kemonoists at Kohachi Inugami’s Strangeness Consulting Agency. But when will Kemono Jihen 2 come out?

Sho Aimoto had written and illustrated it; Kemono Jihen is considered a Japanese manga series. Kemono Jihen is a horror fantasy anime show. The main character shifts to Tokyo with Kemono detective Kohachi Inugamia and accordingly starts working there for him at the Inugamia strangeness consultancy office. In that place, for the first time in his life, Kabane realizes what friendship is and what it truly means to be in a family. The story revolves around a world where monsters, humans live in the same world. Later his parents disappear, Kabane Kusaka, a ghoul-human hybrid, will be neglected and separated from his extended family.

After the show’s release, the show had received only a positive response because of its wonderful usage of Mythology and impressive storytelling.

When will Kemono Jihen season 2 be released?

Kemono Jihen season 2

The first season of Kemono Jihen was released on January 10, 2021, which has 12 episodes. It was produced by Ajia-Do Animation Works (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord). Masaya Fujimori is the director of the series, and the main writer is Noboru Kimura. There are various such fantasies that have been loved by the audience, such as “death note,” “Mob Psycho 100” they have released multiple seasons because they were very much popularized and were demanded by the fans. If Kemono Jihen needs a second season or not is totally dependent on the fans; if they love the 1st season and are curious to see more about it, then there will be chances of a second season; it only depends on audience response.

They were several seasons of anime released for the show Ajia-Do they have good experience regarding its development. Producers haven’t passed any official statements regarding the second season of Kemono Jihen; the fans of the manga series are very loyal, which is expected to expand more and more in the future. The sequel is going to make a huge noise in the upcoming years. They have done similarly with ‘Kaiketsu Zorori,’ which is called a multimedia Franchise. Kemono Jihen will also be treated likewise if it gains popularity, just like Kaiketsu Zorori. There is an opportunity for other animation studios to take over if Ajia-Do doesn’t want to produce. The Second season of Kemono Jihen is likely expected to be released in 2023.

Kemono Jihen Season 2 plot expectations

Kemono Jihen transform

In the finale of season 1, Akira pulls out the null stone from Yui’s chest with the help of Kabane, together they become strong and name it Kemonostone. Inumangi intervenes when Inari takes it, forcefully she asks her to give it back to Kabane. It is also said that Yui, when he was under the control of null stone, killed all the women in the village in mount Inwaki. Akira somehow manages and tells him to share his burden.There are changes in season 2, chapter 22; these changes might be taken place from then. Inugami is going to take along Kabane and kon to Shikoku, where he is actually from. Others like bakedanuki characters may likely be introduced in season 2, and more in detail about their tradition and culture will be explored.

Later, Princess Iyo Yashima is a popular character in the manga series; she might appear in the second season’s first episode. Iyo Yashima and kon might become kabane’s attention. Meanwhile, Inari sends Kon on a mission to make Kabane willingly hand over her the kemonostone. She is expected to repeat this in season 2, where she will have the struggle to choose between loyalty and the developing bond with Kabane. It will be difficult for Iyo Yashima to choose. The two brothers go on a soul-searching journey together. The episode also reveals that ‘kemono jihen’ means a terrible war between komeno and men. Kabane also feels that he can also be a part of a family of Komeno chiefs. Inugami and Kabane go on their journey with full concentration to get more information about kabane’s parents; later, Kon joins them.

Characters of Kemono Jihen:

Kabane Kusaka is the main protagonist of the show and is waiting eagerly to know who his parents are. He is an emotionless person as he has not been raised properly. He is mostly considered stupid because he becomes clueless during the situations.

Kon works under Yoko Inari.

Yui is the older twin brother of Akira.

Akira is an employee of the Komeno Office and is the 56th child of the snow village.

Homuramaru Nowaki is also a leader in the special investigation unit. He can change his form from kid to adult.

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