Pacific Rim: The Black Will Be Released On Netflix In 2021

The anime for the “Pacific Rim” film series was announced over six years ago. After the project had been quiet for a long time, Netflix today revealed that the series should appear worldwide on the platform next year. You can find the first pictures below in the article.

The Series is Produced by Polygon Pictures

The anime is titled “Pacific Rim: The Black” and is based on the “Pacific Rim” real films. Japanese animation studio Polygon Pictures produces the 3DCG series, while Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson are showrunners for Legendary Entertainment.

The story follows two siblings, an idealistic teenager and his naive young sister, who, in a desperate search for their missing parents, are forced to fly an abandoned “hunter” through hostile territory.

The 2013 science fiction film “Pacific Rim” is also available on Netflix. In March 2018, a sequel entitled “Pacific Rim: Uprising” was released, which has not yet been streamed on Netflix.


Pacific Rim: The Black
Pacific Rim: The Black
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