What is EVIL? The answer to this question lies in the dark soul of EVIL, a popular CBS series created by a duo Robert and Michelle King.

The show ran well during its first season in 2019. On 1st October, all the thirteen episodes arrived on Netflix. Word of the show’s excellence spread quickly and, it hopped in the list of Netflix’s top ten features. Shows arrival on Netflix made a sleeper hit and far more popular during the most troublesome year. It became one of the must-watch shows of the season.

A pandemic won’t be able to stop evil! The following season of Evil will be announced soon, as said by CBS.

What We Already Know?

Evil is a playful horror story staring Katja Herbers, a mother of four, and Mike Colter, who investigates the claims of demonic possession on behalf of the Catholic Church. Both the actors are doing their role as a skeptic and believer respectively. This duo was aided by Aasif Mandvi, who played a technical expert and scientific filter, giving scientific reasons and explanations for all phenomena that seem to be originated from supernatural occurrences. We also have Michael Emerson as Dr. Leland Townsend on the ride with them, and there’s a recurring presence of a creepy incubus named “George” who haunts Kristen’s nightmares.

One of the best things about Evil is that it’s unpredictable and has ever-shifting parameters of the phenomena. Just when you start to understand all the supernatural occurrences and think facts, science and truth have taken over everything has won the day, there’s always something demonic afoot that no one can explain. Contrarily, we know that science and truth can reveal activities that are even more monstrous than any demon. On the whole, this show is both indeed upsetting and scary whole also lasting as kooky and amusing.

Evil Season 2 Cast

There is no known guest cast as of now, but there are sure to some new adversaries. However, all the main cast of Evil Season 1 are expected to come back. Apart from Colter, Katja Herbers, Emerson, and Mandvi, actors Marti Matulis and Christine Lahti are expected to come back for season two. We had Marti Matulis as the one who plays the EVIL’s various demonic characters and Lahti as Kristen’s mother, Sheryl. We would also be seeing Kurt Fuller, who plays Dr.Boggs, a therapist.

Katja Herbers

Katja Herbers was introduced in the show as Kristen Bouchard and is our entry point into Evil’s unseen world. She was initially seen as a skeptic and played the role of a mother of four daughters. She did a commendable job by transforming into someone silly and maternal with her four daughters.

Mike Colter

Mike was introduced as David Acosta, the spiritual center. David is not a clean man of unshakable faith: he struggled with relationships and also depended on hallucinogens to better hear the voice of God and see his visions.

Aasif Mandvi

While David was a true believer and Kristen a skeptic, Aasif, who was introduced as Ben, is the true cynic of the team. He was portrayed as a man who places his faith in science over religion and superstitions. He balances out the tri by helping with proper logical theories throughout the show.

EVIL Season Two: Plot, Expectations, and Trailer

CBS renewed about season two at mid-way through season one, but like most TV shows, Evil too was affected by the global pandemic and coronavirus threats. One year after its premiere and midst of this pandemic, fans might be thinking: Where is Evil Season 2? For them, we have the good news, the production and filming have now begun again.

The show ended on the cliffhanger, so one can safely assume that season will follow up with the same shock that further unboxes the vast conspiracy that bonds RSM Fertility to Leland and all the demons and evil that the main characters of the story came across. Season one showed in the final episodes that Kristen picked up a rosary and burned her hand, leaving bruises behind. In the last glimpse of the episode, her friend, Colter, also sees her moving towards evil. All these automatically build up the story to answer questions like: Is she possessed? Is she a murderer? 

Due to delays in the production and filming, the team shared a teaser for fans for the upcoming season. They added a few clips showing all the cast members – in the comfort of their homes, and the narration goes on. We still don’t know if that’s going to be a part of the upcoming seasons. We have Colter talking about the differences between David and Kristen will suggest that their relationship will change.

On the whole, we can say that Evil season one has setup high bars for season two, and all the main characters must unpack the logical reasoning if something genuinely supernatural activity occurs.

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