God Eater is a Japanese video game series with the same title as the anime was adapted. But will God Eater season 2 happen? Here’s what we know so far about the God Eater second season. The video game God eater is a sci-fi, action-based series developed by Shift and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment; later, because of the popularity, they even released many franchises, manga, game franchises, and anime.

It’s an action, demons, Fantasy, military, and supernatural-based genre Set up in the year 2071 in japan. When most of the world has been destroyed by unknown monsters, demons, to stop this, an organization made weapons from these monster cells with the help of ‘God arcs.’ The experts in killing the monsters are called God Eaters. The first season of this series came out on July 15, 2015; it got a good response. The series completed with episode 13 with many unsolved mysteries, spine chilling storylines.

God Eater Story Details

god eater season 2 release date

It’s a battle between humanity and Aragamis (monsters). As mentioned earlier, the setup is from the far future in 2071, where humanity is on its extinction because of Aragamis. To combat these monsters, an organization was formed called Fenrir. The Aragamis are very powerful and exceptionally immune; the Human-made weapons are just pieces of cake for them; that’s why Fenrir have come up with another solution, the ‘God Eaters’ who are special humans filled up with oracle cells which are biological materials. Thus, these god eaters enable them to yield good results and wield powerful weapons called ‘GodArcs.’ At first, Fenrir only had one type of these God Arcs either ranged or melee, but as technology kept improving, Fenrir was able to produce ‘New-Type’ weapons that could switch between blades and cannons. As the story develops, one of the God eater names Lenka Utsugi who was armed with a new type of arc takes the responsibility to vanish these Aragamis at once. But as we know, these monsters are very immuned and powerful; it takes a lot for Lenka and his fellow mates to complete the mission.

God Eater Main characters.

Lenka Utsugi

He is the show’s main lead, or you can say a protagonist who has a tragic past. His whole family was killed by the destruction made by the Aragamis, but he survived, and later, he trained under Fenrir as God Eater. After joining the training, he was recruited in the Far East branch of Fenrir, where he shows exceptional courage and skills during the battle with not only destroying the enemies but also saving his teammates; this leads to his transfer in 1st unit, and there he learns most of the things and tactics from seniors.

As Every coin has two sides despite having all the advantages, he has only one disadvantage, which is his eagerness to fight with these Aragamis and desperately want to go to war.

Rindou Amamiya

He is the veteran God eater who served as a great leader in the 1st unit. During the moon in the welkin mission, he was reported missing. As a veteran, he has seen so much destruction and tragedies and has had a long career in Fenrir; his character was also a little aloof, but for him, the security of his companions is above all.

Alisa illinichina Amiella

She is also a God eater who was not afraid to voice out her opinions.

Kouta Fujiki

He joins the Group just because to save his mother and sister from Aragami, but later, he becomes one of the greatest fighters.

Sakuya Tachibana

Also, one of the members of Fenrir finds an old sniper God arc, and she’s a good shooter.

God Eater Season 2 Release date

god eater season 2

After six years still, the audience is waiting for the next season, which is God Eater Season 2, and after the last episode of season 1, there is no clue of the second season. The anime was directed by Takayuki Hirao, (Attack on Titan) and the animation was done in Ufotable studio (Fate/Zero, Demon Slayer Season 2, Kara no Kyoukai). The makers didn’t say anything about God Eater Season 2 officially, but as a great animation, fans are eagerly waiting. As we know, some anime series take time to return because of their popularity. From our prediction, God eater will renew its next season in the coming months or in 2022 with some new characters and maybe with a twist.

God Eater Season 2 Expected plot, insiders

 As there is no official confirmation of release and even what, the storyline will be, but from various sources, we can predict that in the next season also Lenka utsugi will be the main character, and full focus may be on him. At the end of season one, Lindow has lost his arm during fighting with Aragami. Predictions were made that Lindow and shio may return and expected to see new characters.

 Why there is a delay for season 2

The first season of the game was released in 2010, the second in 2013, and after that, the First anime adaptation series was released in 2015, and the third season of the game in 2018. So we can expect the next season of the anime within a few months as the launch of God eater 4 was said to be in late 2021 or in early 2022.

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