NewType Ranking: Top 10 Male Characters in January 2021

The new “NewType” magazine is here! Also this month, the magazine includes a ranking of the top 10 male favorites of Japanese readers. We have translated the result for you.

Demon Slayer At The Top

In the January 2021 issue, the list is dominated by characters from the series »Demon Slayer”, whose sequel film is currently in Japanese cinemas. On seven out of ten positions, figures from the anime can be found.

The complete ranking, which also includes some long-term burners such as “Sword Art Online” and “Mobile Suit Gundam” can be found below as usual. Are your favorites there?

Ranking of the January 2021 Edition

10. Enmu (“Demon Slayer”)

9. Tatsuya Shiba (“The irregular at magic high school”)

8. Char Aznable (“Mobile Suit Gundam”)

7. Inosuke Hashibira (“Demon Slayer”)

6. Giyu Tomioka (“Demon Slayer”)

5. Akaza (“Demon Slayer”)

4. Zenitsu Agatsuma (“Demon Slayer”)

3. Kirito (“Sword Art Online”)

2. Tanjiro Kamado (“Demon Slayer”)

1. Kyojuro Rengoku (“Demon Slayer”)

NOTE: The placements were determined by a vote. It is not the opinion of the The Awesome One editorial team.

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